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Claude Monet and Friends

OK – it IS a hokey title. But, to paraphrase Woody Allen on another subject “as hokey titles go, it’s one of the best.” The reason I can say that with a straight face is that Claude Monet and Friends, is a visual reminder that although Cher Claude is unquestionably the most famous French artist, he has “friends” of every skill, experience and lifestyle level who are also artists.

Of every discipline. In every style. In every French village. That, folks, is a heck of a lot o’ artists. Is it not?

So to pay tribute to Claude Monet and his friends, here are two of my most requested videos. The first takes you to Claude’s stomping grounds in Giverny, the second to two of his artistic village friends. Enjoy!

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15 Responses to “Claude Monet and Friends”

  1. mary troubs says:

    way to go..again! two great vids!

  2. stephanie metresnic says:

    Both are cool…but i really like the second one…it gives you a real sense of what you say in the intro….that there are “friends”(artists) of monet all over france.

  3. peter wamsley says:

    Both of these make me want to grab a paintbrush and a plane ticket! Spot on!

  4. wilkes barndotti says:

    these videos are a reminder that you are an artist with images as well as words.

  5. karen fedstone says:

    very nice atmosphere from these…especially liked the monet one. not hard to be inspired living there i’ll bet!

  6. barbara zedder says:

    Looking forward to more like this. Excellent!

  7. ali zabri says:

    very nice what you have do here.

  8. carl rice says:

    excellent reportage! keep up your high standards; much appreciated!

  9. dimitri olegsti says:

    I like the way you put these together – i speak in the particular for the blending of the pictures. just very nice and i thank you!

  10. larson spetters says:

    No idea how you keep coming up with all this cool stuff _ but DON’t STOP!

  11. bryan muldoon says:

    makes me want to hop a plane. (hey – maybe i will!)

  12. liam o'conner says:

    No one conveys the REAL atmosphere of French Country life like you do. Looking forward to more videos like this.

  13. kathy thomas says:

    really liked these. hope you’ll be giving us more

  14. felice ambrose says:

    It’s not often one finds videos of this quality on the internet. Very enjoyable.

  15. macy taylor says:

    i really liked these! – especially the monet one. his gardens were way cool.

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