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French Country Village Artists

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There are many reasons to visit France. All of them good. Most of them obvious. Wine. Gourmet food. Rich History. Incredible scenery. Varied climate. Laid back lifestyle. (In the countryside, bien sur!)

Not the least among the magnetic attractions of “la Belle France” are it’s artists. Yes, I know you’re familiar with all the big names. Monet, Gaughin, Renoir, Degas,Manet. And, even though they were’nt French – Picasso and Van Gogh.

But the tradition those greats birthed, has contined to inspire generations of French Artists. (My definition of “French Artist” is “Any artist living in France”) At all levels.

National, regional and local. For me (as you might have guessed) it’s the local variety of painters, sculptors and crafty types that generate the strongest appeal. For the same reason  that I gravitate toward local wines, as opposed to the big names. The thrill of  DISCOVERY.

The unadultered pleasure (and isn’t that the best kind?) of having your senses happily and unexpectedly energized. And that same thrill is available to you when you surf the French Countryside.

There, in villages of every size, you’ll find artists as ubiquitious as vines. And with as many different “tastes.”  For the atmosphere of every village, it’s unique and particular appeal, is a combination of elements. The landscape. The people. The climate. And, of course, their lifestyle.

To rephrase the popular adage about the French “living to eat” not “eating to live”, if you’re lucky (and smart) enough to slowly, deliberately, and appreciatively inhale the atmosphere of a French Country Village, you may just think that their lifestyle is an art. And that art is their lifestyle.


What are ya thinkin’?

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9 Responses to “French Country Village Artists”

  1. bella zabzig says:

    I can TASTE the atmosphere! How do you do it??? Don’t care! Just keeping sharing this stuff!!!

  2. larry severson says:

    you really make it all come alive….not easy to do on the internet!

  3. audrey hartmann says:

    having visited monet’s garden several times, this video brought back many memories for me. thank you so much!

  4. kendall spettersley-teng says:

    like your commentor audrey, i too have visited monet’s garden more than once. i’m a painter (and perhaps audrey is too?), and the atmosphere in monet’s garden, surrounded by all the color and graphics of nature that inspired him, makes you feel obliged to transfer the maximum emotion possible onto your canvas.

  5. miroslav krovaknik says:

    Very Nice Video. I like the way you are giving the feeling of this beautiful country. I hope to see more like this.

  6. david albert says:

    Too many people that put videos on the net make them too long. Yours are always just the right length. And I especially like this one.

  7. lon brandston says:

    more videos likethis one…..PLEEEEEZE!

  8. sophie moreau says:

    yes, as you say, it is true that us french people “live to eat”, but, as you say in your writings also we “live to paint!”

  9. Harry Davidson says:

    I agree with your thought that the most interesting people/place/attractions of any country are the ones that are “off the beaten track.” Which, of course, you seem to find everywhere. and we all benefit. Continued happy trails!

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