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French Impressionist Lion

As I detailed in THIS PREVIOUS POST, the “lion”, the “main man”, the “Big Kahuna” of French Impressionism was, of course Claude Monet.

Virtually the only one of the impressionists to enjoy in his lifetime the two things all artists seek. But rarely attain. Fame and Fortune. Claude had ’em both. While the majority of the others were begging each other to buy a landscape to pay the rent.

But, as they say here, c’est la vie. That’s the life. Some get cream in their coffee, some get powdered milk.

But unlike some pathetic losers who regularly enjoy their cream, Monet deserved every ounce of his considerable fame. He changed the preception of his art form. And left an enduring legacy that continues to inspire. Particularly, and naturally, those who follow in his brush strokes.

And since his garden at Giverny, the continuing inspiration for much of his life is now riotessly in bloom(and isn’t that the best way?) I thought you might enjoy a  few images from my previous visits there.


What are ya thinkin’?

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6 Responses to “French Impressionist Lion”

  1. sara teasdale says:

    wonderful images! monet would definitely recognize you as a fellow artists of the highest level.

  2. clive bateson says:

    Not to be negative….but will you at some point be profiling the
    “pathetic losers” as well?

  3. benton swafford-smith says:

    While your subject matter is always unique and captivating, it’s your flair for a-typical expressions and figures of speech that keeps me glued to each new post. In this one, for example, the “cream/powdered milk” analogy. Refreshingly brillant.

  4. velma frestoni says:

    your other readers may be interested to learn there is also a museum of American Art in Giverny. making it doubly stimulating for those artistically inclined.

  5. bill polanski says:

    I’m not a painter. But I have visited Giverny. And would like to advise all other non-painters to go. The peace and tranquility of the gardens is something you really must experience. It will give you a greater comprehension of it’s influence on Monet and his art.

    As the guidebooks(and the BG, of course) say : “Not to be missed.”

  6. costas zakos says:

    You images really do the place justice. Will you be sharing a longer version with us sometime?

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