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French Church History Lesson


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French Travel = French Food, French Wine, French Chocolate, French History. And a big – no wait – make that a HUGE part of that History, are the Churches, Cathedrals, and Abbeys that really are “around every corner.”

While the “big names” of French Churchdom are universally known – Notre Dame de Paris, Chartes, etc. the lesser knowns, and they often include French Abbeys in small French Villages, have an equally fascinating story to tell.

One of my favorites of these Historical Treasures of France, is the Basilic de St. Julian in the Haute Loire village of Brouide.

DA BG could prattle on about it’s wonders, but – WHY? when you can immerse yourself in it’s History soaked wonderfulness in these Videos? The first with marvy music throughout. The second, in French. With equally cool ancient sounds.


What are ya thinkin’?

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31 Responses to “French Church History Lesson”

  1. todd wilson says:

    incredible example of the archeticture so particular to france and the churches and abbeys.

  2. sara cartson says:

    unbelieveable is the operative word(s) for this post and videos. plus very inspirational (in a non-religious sense.)

  3. this post is a classic – but then i can’t thinbk of one of yours that isn’t. the quality of your reportage is truly the essence of “overdelivering.” Please don’t stop!

  4. todd breaker says:

    you have a way of cutting right to the chase when it comes to the treasures of france that are rarely, if ever, presented elsewhere. more power to da bg!

  5. coral anderson says:

    absolutely with ya there todd…nobody does it better than da bg!

  6. frank andersly says:

    two really great videos and an equally great post§ doesn’t get much better than this!

  7. margot pawson says:

    what i relly love about your posts is that, as you say in this one, you don’t “prattle on”…you just present the stuff without fluff. all too rare on the net!

  8. yanni tsopolis says:

    beautiful churchs…like many also we have in greece..but different style.

  9. doris clemmens says:

    love this post!….this is the stuff we need more of..;super!

  10. marly street says:

    just love that misty opening photo!

  11. philippe dupont says:

    i have seen this place, and am very happy you’re sharing it with your english readers; it’s truly one of the best examples of this style in all of france. thank you so much.

  12. terry chatlin says:

    the videos really do a sense of the majesty of this place; Now on my “must see” list!

  13. quentin grange says:

    if there is no thing thats truly unique about france, it surely must be the number and quality of it’s churches. thanks for pointing us to this one!

  14. annie raine says:

    that’s a big “10-4” quentin!..and you meant to add : “keep ’em comin’!” – didn’t you?

  15. quentin grange says:

    annie….indeed i did! ..so thank you for finishing me! (lol)

  16. andy franklin says:

    food, wine, beautiful scenery…of course france is all these things…but more particularly..it’s the history..and the greatest part of that – at least for me – are it’s many churches and cathedrals. that’s why i love this post so much.

  17. nigel battersly says:

    if you love france…you have to love these historical momuments. and i do!
    thanks so much for an exceptionally brill post!

  18. merle oberman says:

    we visited many churches on our las visit to france..and were impressed by all…b ut what you’ve shown us here..i_s deiniftely the pick of the litter§
    (at least in our experience – lol)

  19. manny silverman says:

    i agree with your implication that the “big names” on the french church circuit – while not inferior by any standard – lack the intimacy and unique character of the chapels and abbeys to be found in the villages such as this one. truly, if i may steal your phrase, a “treasure of france.”

  20. clara majors says:

    after seeing these..i’m packing my bags. Thanks for the “inside intel” (AGAIN!)

  21. demott willoby says:

    your talent for finding(and sharing) the very “off the beaten track” french attractions is unrivalled. as this excellent post proves. yet again.kudos!

  22. sam barton says:

    very informative post – made even better with the videos!

  23. nicole wondersly says:

    love the videos also. great compliment to the post.

  24. felice nova says:

    amazing to think of the variety of churches in france. well worth a visit by any standard.

  25. SARAH MOSER says:

    thanks to you – i,ve got these two on my “must see” list for our next trip. keep the good stuff comin!

  26. gerry andrews says:

    the beauty of these buildings alone is worth seeing – even if you,re not a “religious person.” thanks again for this post and videos.

  27. barb mcbride says:

    every timer i check you out – there,s something new – that i never see anywhere else. thanks for being a true original – with original quality!

  28. martin dorman says:

    as a photographer, i can appreciate the beauty of these momuments to history on a different level than the casual tourist. i,ll definitely check them out on my forthcoming visit – and send you any memorable photo moments – as i know you,re also a photographer of note.

  29. sally cook says:

    martin – you definitely hit the nail on the head there. and if you haven,t already – you can check out DA BG’s art photos by clicking “IMAGES” at the top of the page.

  30. bill martin says:

    of all the bloggers and (so called) “experts” on the subject of france – you are virtually the only one who presents info that’s definitely off the (too well )beaten track.

  31. anna clarkson says:

    doreena – ya got the right. wwwwwway right! (lol)

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