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French Country Life Music Party



The French Country Life Music Party goes down every June 21st. And, why not? After all it IS the first day of Summer. (Regardless of whether the weather agrees)

It’s offical name is : “Le Fete de la Musique.” Which translates to “Music Party” in any language, n’est ce pas? “Le Fete” was the brainchild of a Jack Lang. A former Minister of Culture, so “pro-USA” that he insisted on the American spelling of his name.

Atypically, a great idea from someone “in government.” One that could not possibly raise objections, threaten political careers, or infringe on the right to libertie, egalitie, and the pursuit of stronger cheese.

bicyclegourmet.comThe French Country Life Music Party however, is not , as you may have anticipated, just for country folk. While it’s celebrated Nationally, the Country celebrations for me(pun intended) “ring most true” with Mr. Lang’s intentions.

Why? Because in the country, although the town/village/hameau(that’s “am -oh” – a collection of houses with no bakery, post office or 7-11) may mount an “offical” celebration, it’s the grass-roots groove of locals spilling out into the street that is really the essence of “Le Fete de la Musique.”

It does what music does best, and is supposed to do. Bring people together. In a positive participatory, and, at it’s best, informal and spontaneous way.

That said – there is a “middle-ground” between the grass roots pickin’ n’ grinnin’ and the big city blowout – the BIG French Country Life Music BLOWOUT –


staged in a huge historic chateau(and aren’t those the best kind?) or a huge historic city. Preferably one with walls to enclose all the exuberant celebrants.

Carcassone,in the SouthWest covers all the bases. First of all, it’s huge. Not to mention Historic. It was here, as my scholarly devotees will recall from THIS POST, that several thousand Men, Women and Children with the “wrong” religious ideas were “terminated with extreme prejudice” by God’s representative on earth. (uh…that would be…Pope  Innocent 2?) Thus saving them from a life of sin.

bicyclegourmet.comAnd so it is within these same walls on each June 21st that thousands of (happily) LIVE men, Women and Children writhe and jive to a Houston Astrodome Rock Concert style version of the French Country Life Music Party.


What are ya thinkin’?

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28 Responses to “French Country Life Music Party”

  1. olga washington says:

    sounds like a great idea!

  2. todd redmond says:

    very classy opening image….DA BG strikes again!

  3. reg dewinter says:

    what else would you expect from the French? PARTY TIME!!!

  4. alma qeuster says:

    great food, great wine…and a great idea…..no wonder you like it there!

  5. evie langley says:

    wish i was there!

  6. martin collins says:

    as your other commentors have said…the french really know how to put on a great party!

  7. andrea mitchell says:

    what a fantastic idea! a day just to celebrate MUSIC! – think it could catch on here?

  8. joanie waterman says:

    right on andrea! – the french know how to focus on the really importnat things in life!

  9. calvin armitage says:

    wish i ws there…maybe next year?

  10. sherri steffens says:

    i would go just for carcassoone! – never mind the music….ok…you get what i mean right?

  11. will bethers says:

    have been to carcassonne..fabulous!…but never for the fete…..as one of your other commentors said…carcassone alone is worth the trip

  12. carson withers says:

    got this on my list…if i can get to france next year!

  13. anders peterrson says:

    the wikipedia article you link to credits an AMERICAN with first proposing this idea……thought your other readers might like to know.

  14. cary snedden says:

    great location!…but then…what place in france isn’t?

  15. winters belmond says:

    cary….wake up and smell the coffee! -renault, peugoet..these guys make cars….in factories……which send WHAT into the air?

  16. paul everhard says:

    hey winters..lighten up!…the real solution is not reality….
    it’s to look at reality through the sunny skies:fresh air:beautiful countryside glasses that cary is wearing!

  17. cindy mathers says:

    right on paul!…i’ll drink to that!

  18. al remier says:

    hey cary….where can i get me those glasses??? (lol!)

  19. cara hooper says:

    as someone else commented – great opening photo!

  20. sanders belvin says:

    yet another great reason to visit France!

  21. betty rankin says:

    to paraphrase the famous soft drink catch phrase :”things go better with music!”

  22. sandy inner says:

    thanks for another great slice of french country life!

  23. darren mcquarrie says:

    this is, of course, another great post from yoiu…but what i really appreciated was the link to your earlier post and the history of the cathars. gory stuff. but then, most massacres are.

  24. aston lockerbie says:

    if only we had some progressive thinking politicans like mr lang here!

  25. carlton benners-smythe says:

    aston…..”progressive politicans” is an oxymoron. like “military intelligence.”

  26. joe dobish says:

    carlton – you got that right!

  27. freda langman says:

    good to know that the french aren’t threatned in their pursuit of strong cheese!

  28. evelyn desmond says:

    this is too cool!..obviously…..but what i’m wondering is how many thiongs like this go down in france throughout the summer?

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