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Bicycle Gourmet’s French Backroads


Bicycle Gourmet’s French Backroads. Don’t own them. But often feel like it. After gliding down them for the past zillion and a half years.

And even after all that time, for Da BG, the Backroads of France never cease to amaze, delight, and provoke no small quantities of wonder and awe.

How could it be otherwise in a country where everything changes every 50 KM. The landscape, the food, the wine, the monuments, the local twist on the language.

One thing that, happily doesn’t change, is the genuine warmth and hospitality of the French People. Particularly along the French Country Backroads of “La France Profunde.”

These are the “Treasures of France” which, while they are on the map, are attracting few to no tourists. Because their only attraction is silence.(the occasional tractor or herd of cows/sheep on the road notwithstanding.)

Yes, “La France Profunde” is mainly agricultural. A place where you will have no trouble finding “miles and miles of miles.” However, finding an ATM will definitely be a challenge.

Likewise bread. Yes, a shocker I know. As we folks from “over there” fantasize there is a boulangerie in every French Village.

Au contraire mon frerè. In “Hamlets” – settlements smaller than a village – bread is delivered to/sold at the local tobacconists. Or whatever other store most locals use.

This – for me – is the beauty of “France in the slow lane.” It’s never going to change. Because in addition to never being a tourist “attraction” – French law regards virtually every empty field as a “cultural heritage.”

Meaning that any enterprising froggie dreaming of turning that acreage into a boutique and swingin’ hot spot is definitely S.O.L.

While every region of France has it’s own variation of “senic beauty” – that wonderfulness, obviously changes with the seasons.

Plus – in “La France Profunde” – given it’s miles and miles of miles – there is not much variation. And virtually no color.

Alors – what better destination on the French Country Backroads for Black and White photography?

And – it just so happens that Da Bg has some. (The Infa-Red Variety)*
Voila! – a little visual taste of the French Country Backroads.







FYI – photo buffs, and/or those who photograph in the buff, these images shot with a Samsung WB500/Schneider 24mm ultra wide lens, converted to IR. No photoshop. All images here directly from the camera.

More of my photo madness at:


*infa-red photography – Google it!

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15 Responses to “Bicycle Gourmet’s French Backroads”

  1. your visuals portraits of “la france Profunde” are equal to your narrative ones. rare. and much appreciated.

  2. ed dalen says:

    As a photographer who’s never shot in IR – I was especially pleased – no- make that “thrilled!” by your images.

  3. i’m not a photographer – but after seeing what you’ve shared here..you’ve defi itely got me thinking of giving it a try.

  4. amazing photos – of course…but what i appreciate equally is how you describe “life in the slow lane.” obviously every rural area has it’s charms, and disadvantages…like the (i imagine) not to terrific quality bread from elsewhere.

  5. As an American who’s travelled through rural Frances many times – I’ve often wondered why there are so many huge uncultivated fields. Now, thanks to you – I no longer have to wonder!

  6. as a result of this post – checked out your other photo sites. equally impressive. My favorite was the “Grils in the Trees” series.

  7. Your visual and narrative descriptions of “la france Profunde” have lit a fire under me to go there – as soon as spring arrives” many thanks to da bg!

  8. sir – you an exceptional artist. full stop.

  9. that’s a big “10-4″ ed – I’m a photographer in the same boat as you…so far
    but after seeing what can be done with talent and an IR unit….I’m thinking of giving it(yes, i must say it” – a SHOT!

  10. hey ellen/ed…snapper no 3 here….and i do shot IR – and was very happy da bg shared the tech info on this camera. exceptional image clarity. – as you would expect from that german lens.

  11. Kevin – You got that right. Rare to find an visual artist with equal creativity in both color and Black and White.

  12. Great post and photos – i was also very impressed with your photo membership site. amazxing the quaility you’re offering for such a low investment. I signed up and will definitely be telling my friends.

  13. ned parsons says:

    hey mika – totally agree. and also signed up. you,re right – totally the deal of the century to get a new museum quality photo every week!

  14. incredible images. WOW! -thanks for sharing -seriously!!!

  15. Bob Vincent says:

    with ya 110% there anderson…..this infa red stuff new to me….
    but totally amazing!

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