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French Bio Wine Film

  In my LAST POST, and the PREVIOUS ONE, the subject was French Biodynamic Wine. And so, as I seem to be(unintentionally) “on a roll” – this time around its the French Bio Wine Film Story. And it’s about time. We hear and read much about the growing transformation of more and more French vineyards […]

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French Wine Treasure Bonus

French Wine Treasure BONUS…  what  could that possibly be? After all the up close ‘n personal, been there-done that- wine info I’ve already sent your way? WWWWell……it’s something so up close ‘n personal…..I never imagined I’d be sharing it……UNTIL I’d done it. But, Life, as you know all too well dear reader, as a way […]

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French Wine

Top n’ Bottom of the Barrel French wine is the worst in the World. And the best. And the most mediocre. Just like California wine. Just like Australian wine. Just like anything where “taste” is concerned. The operative word here, dear reader, is “subjective.” Is it not? Judgement Call We each decide what wine,food,person,place,house,car is […]

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