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French Cognac From Ireland

  French Cognac From Ireland. Yes, dear reader, it’s true. The fact that Cognac, while not from Ireland, owes it’s fame, popularity and world-wide notariety to Ireland. Specifically to Blarney land’s Richard Hennessy who left the Emerald Isle to join the army of Louis XV. He was stationed in the southwestern town of…(you’re ahead of […]

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French Love Story – Part Three

(Authors Note : Part One  and Two  could be instructive) By Early September it was clear the Indians were not going to let us have their Summer. Fall was prancing impatiently in the wings. And Michelle and I were too far apart.She visiting friends in the mountains, and I scrambling after French sunbeams before they began […]

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French Love Story – Part Two

(Authors Note : Part One might be helpful for connecting the dots.) After a month of cinematic travels, I returned. With, naturally, equal amounts of anticipation and trepidation. Had I correctly assessed Michelle’s reaction to the exotic stanger from the far away lands? Or was it just another faux tremor from fantasy island? Unloading the […]

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