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French Wine – Leaving The Vine

Granted a catchy but not totally accurate title.  Of course it’s the grapes leaving the vine. Who will later become wine. And this is the moment they begin their journey. The French Wine Harvest – “Le Vendange”, like all events agricultural, marches to the drummer of the seasons in each region. The obvious leaders in […]

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French Wine Treasure Bonus

French Wine Treasure BONUS…  what  could that possibly be? After all the up close ‘n personal, been there-done that- wine info I’ve already sent your way? WWWWell……it’s something so up close ‘n personal…..I never imagined I’d be sharing it……UNTIL I’d done it. But, Life, as you know all too well dear reader, as a way […]

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French Wine Treasure – Part Two

Authors note : Reading Part One first would be a good idea Regardless of whether you’re”into’ wine,or just grabbed a bottle out of desperation because “booze-be-us” was outa beer – there are French wine treasures to be found in every region and at every price point. Kinda like deciding which car to buy, innit? Too many options! That’s why […]

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