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BG’s Secret Getaway Spot – EXPOSED

    French Travel Secret Revealed  is where I reveal the down side of being DA BG.  Yes, Virginia, there IS  a negative smiley face in my otherwise blissful existence. A subtle frown that creases the face of carefree revelry. Like a wine that is almost perfect, My French Life has a touch of tannin. […]

20Jun2023 | | 32 comments | Continued
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Tour de France Photo Holiday Workshop

  Best Photo Holiday Workshops France , French Cycling Photo Holiday Workshop  Photo Tour in France is what it all comes down to. N’est ce pas? Whether you prefer to call it a French Photographic Vacation, Landscape Photo Workshop France , French Nature Photo Workshop, or a Digital Photo Vacation Workshop France – the end result […]

29Jan2016 | | 30 comments | Continued
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Bicycle Gourmet’s Lavender Photo Course Workshop 2014

  Bicycle Gourmet’s Lavender Photo Course Workshop 2014…is full. Complete. Stuffed to the brim. With happy snappers. Who will be joinin’ DA BG to enhale(and that is the right word) the wonders of the emergence of Lavender  on the French Country Travel Life Backroads this here June. But, do not, repeat do not shed any tears […]

28Apr2014 | | 10 comments | Continued