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French Lemon Casino Caper

   French Lemon Casino Caper is indeed a cute title – n’est ce pas? but more than that it is also relevant. Because, as you will recall in my LAST POST the subject was oranges. (and alcohol, bien sur) So now, it’s time for Lemons. (and yes, I promise, the next post will not be about […]

22May2020 | | 23 comments | Continued
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French Riviera Vacation – Part One

French Rivieria vacation. On your “to do before I die list?” or “to die before I do?” If you checked option “A”, might be good to grok the place with a little more…uh…precision before ya start packing – n’est ce pas? Although practically the French Riviera is a state of mind(or the lack of one) […]

12Apr2011 | | 9 comments | Continued