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Bicycle Gourmet’s French Chateau

  Bicycle Gourmet’s French Chateau – truth be told – is not actually owned by your humble scribbler. But it is the one, of all I have known and seen – that I would like to be the owner of. While it’s a cliche to say Chenonceau is “steeped in History” (and what French Chetau […]

5Jan2016 | | 34 comments | Continued
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Bicycle Gourmet’s 2016 Message

  Bicycle Gourmet’s 2016 a simple one. Not original. Not profound. But absolutely essential. Especially in these challenging times. “Let’s hope it’s a good one….without any fear.”                                                    – John  Lennon […]

1Jan2016 | | 15 comments | Continued
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The Spirit of Paris – The Spirit of France

  The Spirit of Paris – The Spirit of France is not dead or diminished. It hasn’t been broken by the inHuman terrorist attacks. It glows and pulses. From Brittany to Corsica. It echoes through the bars and brasseries. Through office towers and supermarkets. It’s message is clear, proud and forceful : ”We refuse fear. ” Yet, […]

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