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The Other Tour de France

The Other Tour de France?  What the heck is DA BG on about? Everybody know there’s only  ONE  Tour de France – Right?  Absolutely sports fans. But there is another cycling event each year not quite as famous. At least Worldwide. But here in the land of  Wine, Cheese, and Government Ministers with Swiss bank […]

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Lance Armstrong – Persecuted? Or Justly Routed?

  Lance Armstrong – Persecuted? Or Justly Routed?  That’s the question currently buzzing. Is he a malinged hero – victim of an vendetta ? –  or, as his accusers maintain  – a sophisticated chemically enhanced rule breaker? While not taking sides here, as an American, a cyclist, and most importantly someone who scribbles on all […]

24Oct2012 | | 13 comments | Continued
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BG and the Tour de France

Rolling Relations We pass each other every Summer. My cycling brothers and I. Surfing the same roads. For different reasons. They’re after speed. I’m after experience. They’re after how many  kilometers in a day. I’m after memorable meetings. Alas(for them) dear reader, the Tour de France does not stop to smell the roses. It is […]

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