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Forbes, Da BG and le Tour de France

  Forbes, Da BG and le Tour de France.  Photo ops. Landscape, Nature, travel. Bien sur! Only natural Da Bg should have an interest here, n’est ce pas? but what about Forbes? Chroniclers of all things business and dollars. What connection could there possibly be here? Forbes Scribbler  Jim Basingame has da answer: 1. Team […]

26May2015 | | 5 comments | Continued
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French Country Travel Life Immortality

    French Country Travel Life Immortality – a nice thought. But, like all other forms of physical forms of immortality – not gonna happen. (read my lips!) However, DA BG be thinkin’, and he thinks you’ll agree, that the next best thing to physical immortality, is to be on the planet as long as […]

26Sep2013 | | 19 comments | Continued
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The Other Tour de France

The Other Tour de France?  What the heck is DA BG on about? Everybody know there’s only  ONE  Tour de France – Right?  Absolutely sports fans. But there is another cycling event each year not quite as famous. At least Worldwide. But here in the land of  Wine, Cheese, and Government Ministers with Swiss bank […]

1May2013 | | 22 comments | Continued