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Bicycle Gourmet’s Digital Photo Holiday Workshop France



Digital Photo Holiday Workshops France

Bicycle Gourmet’s Digital Photo Holiday Workshop France,French Photo Workshop Vacations,Tour de France Photo Holiday Workshop

All slightly different  names for the same experience. Your Incredible, fantastic and awesome French Photo Holiday with The Bicycle Gourmet.

How can I be so sure I can deliver on those wildly positive adjectives? Well – reading what my previous Cycling Photo Travellin’ pals had to say, might ease whatever concerns you may have.

Likewise, checking out THIS PAGE where I lay out all where, when, how often and how much. We all know the “WHY” – N’est ce pas?

Although for most of us, these will be Digital Photo Courses, film shooters are equally welcome. As my photo pals are well aware…..film has, depending on your particular asthetic, qualities not foun,d in the digital realm.

Case in point – My Limited Edition Fine Art Photography site – where everything was shot on film.

I will probably be shooting both this time around. So, if you’re a film-o-phile, you won’t be lonely!

French Landscape Photo Opportunites take the pole position in this:

Bicycle Gourmet French Photo Workshop Video.

If that doesn’t inspire you to get your French Photo Holiday Tour act together – Check for a pulse!


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19 Responses to “Bicycle Gourmet’s Digital Photo Holiday Workshop France”

  1. errol danst says:

    great images! sorry to be so late getting back to you. (NO -i wasn’t on holidays! (lol)

  2. tom preston says:

    really impressed wuth your photography site…very unspiring. particularly enjoyed the variety of subject matter.

  3. jane does says:

    hey tom…that’s a big “me too” i particularly enjoyed “girls in the trees.”

  4. sharon marks says:

    bg – the fact that you aren’t neglecting film shooters (like me) is yet another huse feather in your cap. (which, of course has many feathers already!)

  5. barrie lockton says:

    sharon..as a fellow “film-o-phile” da bg addressing our needs did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

  6. frank andersly says:

    after reading the testamonials opf your previous “happy snappers”, and seeing your site AND this great video…i can’t see how anyone with a passion for france and photography could pass this one up.!

  7. genni graham says:

    frank..i want to know if you are naturally physic, or you are just using some sophisticated mind reading software..because you said exactly what i wanted to say.

  8. frank andersly says:

    genni..since msword (97 yet) is the only software i own….i guess i must be physic! (lol)

  9. harvey wallace says:

    good to know we die hard non digital dinosaurs will be accomodated!

  10. sharon marks says:

    harvey…as a fellow dinosaur..just wondering if you have any tips for keeping film cool in the searing summer french heat?

  11. harvey wallace says:

    well sharon…first of all…you ARE assuming there WILL BE searing heat during your/our all too short time with da bg…..

    but, be that as it may,my film lives in a ziplock in the fridge. when i take it out, i immediately wrap it in an old tee short (further insulation), put the whole thing in another ziplock, then put it in a small insulazted backpack. usually does the trick.

    hope this helps!

  12. sharon marks says:

    sounds like you’ve got the film conservation situation “all wrapped up!”
    (corny, i know, but i’m a high school dropout!)

  13. harvey wallace says:

    no problem sharon….becasue you do look like a super model, right?

  14. sharon marks says:

    only in your dreams harvey. or after my husband has downed three beers and forgotten his glasses.

  15. carson tremmens says:

    since i’m on the digital side of the fence, i’m wondering how many memory cards to take. anybody got some good advice?

  16. brenda brian says:

    carson – the short (and honest) answer is: as many as you have room for.
    but also keep in mind, that means you’ll have more to offload….which could rain on your photo opps if you’re out in the field.

  17. carson tremmens says:

    thanks brenda; does make sense. appreciate your insights.

  18. armond hannder says:

    hey folks…another consideration for us digital foks that no one has mentioned yet..is the obvious one….re-charging batteries! not gonna happen in the field.

  19. jim groban says:

    you got that right armond…like every other piece of gear….always bring a spare (or three!)

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