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Bicycle Gourmet’s Loire Valley Cycling Photo Workshop


bicycle gourmet 2020 photo workshop

Bicycle Gourmet’s Loire Valley Cycling Photo Workshop is one of three I will be offering this year. (Details on all three HERE.)

Da BG’s Cycling Photo/Video Workshop is a totally backroads adventure that will enable a small collection of fine folks(eight to be exact) to profit from the Loire valleys’ sights, sounds, food and wine.(Home to DA BG – BTW) While taking their photo/video prowess to the next level.

There is a reason – or to be more exact -reasons – that the Loire was the preferred playground of the French Kings.

The Loire Valley climate is moderate. Rarely with extremes. Agricultural products abound – manifesting themselves in an abundant gastronomic tradition. And, of course, the incredible wines complete the French Loire experience.

No – I haven’t forgotten the rich History. Actually, impossible. Because no matter which region of France you’re lucky enough to be in – you have History up the yin-yang. As I shared in THIS POST.

You’ll find a little “Loire Appetizer” in this video.

Details on all three workshops.


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10 Responses to “Bicycle Gourmet’s Loire Valley Cycling Photo Workshop”

  1. vic fesner says:

    love your opening photo! – thanks also for the great info

  2. you’re right – the French Kings really did know a good thing when they saw it!

  3. sounds like a fab adventure – include me in!

  4. this is a great intro toi the loire – especially your video – really puts you in the atmosphere of the place.

  5. with ya there rolf – that video is totally(well ok, almost) like “being there.” Really a great personal intro to the loire. And, of course, chinon in particular.

  6. agree with the other comments RE: your excellent video. Never realized there was such a big connection between chinon and joan of arc. DO NOW! – thanks to you!

  7. your attention to detail in that video is amazing. what really grabbed me was the shot of the place where joan of arc tied up her horse! -amazing stuff!

  8. obviously- this looks like a dream tour -especially for all the great potential pictures. i’ve looked at da bg’s other tours – of course they’re all great – but this one is my fav!

  9. Maggie – agree 110% – the loire looks like the pick of the litter!

  10. i know that the loire is famous for it’s chateaus – but the size of the one at chinon is truly impressive. especially when, as you see in your opening photo, it stretches the entire length of the town. Fantastic – to say the least!

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