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Bicycle Gourmets Tour de France French Photo Course Workshop


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By whatever name you want to call it – it’s off the table! Filled to the brim. With eager snappers who’ve snapped up all the available spots.

But – not to shed those crocodile tears yet if you were too late/busy/distracted to snag a spot.

Cancellations, while rare, DO happen. So if you’re jonesin’ to join DA BG’s French photo posse, be it in September, or next year, just scribble : “Sign me up for(September/Next year”) –  in the comments, and I’ll get back to ya. Personally even.


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23 Responses to “Bicycle Gourmets Tour de France French Photo Course Workshop”

  1. roni specton says:

    sorry i couldn’t lake it…definitely next year!:

  2. tess duber says:

    i’m on the waiting list. fingers crossed!!!

  3. anson parks says:

    great to see you’ve filled up again.(never doubted you would) -should be some great adventuyres for thos lucky “snappers!”

  4. marly street says:

    love that opening image i the video!

  5. frank andersly says:

    and marly…you meant to add: loved the video too, right?

  6. marly street says:

    absolutely frank!

  7. geri walters says:

    big crocodile tears from me……but for the lucky ones…..have a blast!

  8. sven larrsen says:

    looking forward to more bicycle gourmet adventure posts when you finished. with this tour.

  9. demott willoby says:

    sven….you forgot to add; “and when you’re finished with your holidays!”

  10. sven larrsen says:

    yes, dermott, you’re correct. but isn’t the tour itself a holiday?

  11. demott willoby says:

    sven – that’s a question only DA BG can answer. (hint: i’m biting my lip here)

  12. agnes carter says:

    really sorry i missed it! definitely will be onboard next year!

  13. yap svennster says:

    agnes….you’re assuming DA BG will do another next year. first rule of life; don’t assume!

  14. harry winston whyte says:

    i’m constantly amazed at the originality and quality of your images. your book cover, of course. everyone expects a high standard there. and you don’t dissapoint. but the image of the lily that starts your video here..absolutely breath taking!

  15. sandy breean says:

    harry…i think all fans of DA BG would agree with you. there’s tons more great stuff on his photo site too.

  16. gerry marsden says:

    with ya there sandy….but i didn’t know beege had a photo site…can you point me too it?

  17. sandy breean says:

    absolutely gerry!….just click on “images” on the nav bar at the top of the page.

  18. pete wilson says:

    so, the question i’m asking myself, and i bet i’m not the only one: will da bg be doing it again in 2017?

  19. candace trumann says:

    only da bg knows pete.

  20. stella korchinsky says:

    too true candance….or maybe not (lol) maybe he just hasn’t decided.

  21. barron stampon says:

    probably you’re right about not deciding stella…but with all he’s got going on – books, videos, podcasts, etc…..you can imagine how difficult it must be to put a month or more aside.

  22. wendy clark says:

    true enough barron – but he did say get on the waiting list for next year.

  23. barron stampon says:

    gotcha wendy….hopefully the wait will be “worth it.” fingers crossed!

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