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Secret French Riviera



Secret French Riviera –

Betcha didn’t know there was one – right? Well no worries, because Da BG has got you covered on this French Riviera Secret.

The French know where it is. But, dazzled by all the attention that the non-secret French Riviera gets, most non-froggies would be blindsided.

Understandably, when you consider that for most folks from “over there” the French Rivera conjures up visions of sun drenched beaches, the Cannes film festival, spendy hotels, and that absolute essential of Riviera wonderfulness – designer shopping.

Now, while you can shop(as well as eat,drink and be merry) on the Secret French Riviera, it’s basic attraction is the same climate, minus the crowds.

Have I teased you long enough re: it’s location? Probably. Right? So, let me now spill the Secret French Riviera Beans.

It is: Le Drome. the department, to the North of it’s non-secret cousin.

And having the same climate, it abounds with apricots,almonds,wine and all manner of fresh fruit n’ veg and, bien sur, wine.

With incredible scenery, uncrowded backroads and laid back locals.

In short – a perfect spot for a photo/vido cycling workshop.

Which is why I, your non-snobby guide to French Food,Wine and unforgettable adventure, will be taking 8 lucky folks there to experience a authentic slice of Secret French Riviera Life this June.

Get the details here.

Get a taste of the Secret French Riviera in THIS VIDEO.



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