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French Wine Treasure – Part One

When someone says: “French”…..what’s the first second word that comes to mind? “Fashion?” Maybe. “Film?” Uh,could be.“WINE?” Yes sir, you betcha! That be the first,second word describing France. How could it not be with vines covering so much o’ the whole enchilada?

From time to time France gives the World a movie/music star/sports hero. But the “gift” of French wine is constant and(happily)consistent. (Curiously,the World’s premier wine magazine,and wine’s most infuential critic,are both American.)

On the World markets, French wine faces stiff competition from producers in other countries. Many of whom are either French,and/or have adopted the French model. Regardless of taste/price,there is one element French wines have that World wines do not.Authenticity. Because of A.O.C.(Appelation Origine Controle) – The government system of wine designation/control.

This “fidelity”to a specific location means that a Pinot Noir from Beaune,must be produced from those grapes alone,and grown within the Beaune appellation. This assures the consumer that this pinot is an authentic reflection of Beaune’s soil and climate.

World wines,on the other hand,have no such restrictions. And because wine is such a huge business, the Multinationals who churn out container carloads plus o’ vino,focus on the taste/price balance,relative to each market. And,if their grapes in any year are not “ab/fab”,they’ll be “enhanced” in the cellar.(“Better drinking through chemisty”…….NOT!)

There is even a wine producers “hotline” offering market specific additive info. “OK – So you want to produce a Chardonnay for low end Japanese consumers..Since they like a bananna flavor on the finish,you need to add yeast b-957.

Did we learn something today?


What are ya thinkin’?

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21 Responses to “French Wine Treasure – Part One”

  1. wilfred pettibone says:

    perhaps the best(and shortest!) definition of a.o.c. i4ve yet seen. good information for those who are new to important facts you reveal here.

  2. paula worthington says:

    As always, you succeed in giving us new insights into familiar topics. Excellent explanation of a.o.c. vs “world wines.”

  3. barnaby millston-white says:

    Your revelation of the “wine producers hotline” confirms a suspicion I have long held regarding the “enhancement” of some wines.Well done.

  4. joy fetters says:

    thanks for explaining that a.o.c. thing – i alzays wondered what that was all about. Now i know!

  5. marion winters says:

    Nice to see more wine info on your site. although i do really love your unusual adventures, also.

  6. doreanna temolow says:

    suggest you combine the idea of your “deep thoughts” posts into wine stories….you know – “deep wine thoughts?” what are ya thinkin’?……(lol!)

  7. stephen waters says:

    Interesting to not that you got through an entire article on wine without once mentioning the “p” man. (hint – rhymes with “barker.”)

  8. carmen piccolini says:

    i hope you will be following up this excellent post with more on world wines and their impact on the a.o.c. producers.a subject i believe many people are interested in.

  9. carlton lynch says:

    just so the rest of your readers don4t think that all japanese taste buds are salivating over bananna flavored chardonnay, i’ve been in 5 star french resturants(in france) where the biggest spenders were japanese. And usually a table of 6 or 8.

  10. larry cavendish says:

    very informative post. lifts the curtain a little biy on the behind the scenes “tinkering” that goes on in the wine world. imagine you4ll have more revelations in part twoM

  11. betty evershall says:

    the(to me) new info you keep coming up with is amazing! Looking forward to part 2!

  12. stan kerr says:

    I’m wondering if the demand for “authenticity”(ie – the A.O.C. model) is sufficient to keep French producers from losing a sizeable market share to the World Wine producers. Perhaps you’ll be addressing this in your next post?

  13. jack carson says:

    your post brings back happy memories of my last trip to france…tasting many great wines in tiny places by complete unknowns, Fabulous! Obviously this is what rocks your boat as well.good to know.

  14. steffi powicki says:

    have learned much from this post,,,,,,big eye opener to the reality of wine production…..i’ll be watching for the next installment. thank you again.

  15. jon zaters says:

    kudos for lifting , if ever so slightly, the veil surrounding the mysteries of wine production.

  16. paula davidson-wright says:

    enjoyed very much your insights regarding french and world wine. Like you, i enjoy discovering and supporting the small, independant producers.

  17. kenntish steele says:

    Looking forward to more on this subject. Excellent start!

  18. janice cuppington says:

    after reading about the wine producers hotline, i guess the answer to the question : ” is nothing sacred?” is a big NO!

  19. trevor lucent says:

    my heart goes out to the independant wine producers who must battle the economic force of the World Wine giants. Hopefully there are enough of us who value their unique contribution to real taste to keep them from going under,

  20. lannie pottersly says:

    Always enjoy your posts…..this one especially, Waiting for no. 2. Keep up your good work!

  21. paul severinson says:

    Hopefully you’ll be giving us more insight on this captivating subject in your next installment.

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