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LVMH attacks Cornona Virus

LVMH attacks Cornona Virus Usually they make luxury stuff like this:       Now they’re making necessary stuff like this: And, best of all, for free. “THEY” are the monolithic Luxury goods monster – LVMH. Home to spendy brands like Dior, Givency, Guerlain and Louis Vitton. And lets not forget the World’s most expensive […]

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French Revolution – France is Revolting

French Revolution – France is Revolting. And it’ s not the first time. As you are no doubt well aware. In the first French Revolution, many people lost their heads, in a revolt that started over the shortage of bread. A “selective” one. As there was plently to go around for the Royals. (Suprise, suprise.) […]

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Black Friday in France – Soon Banned?

Black Friday in France – soon banned? A final “au revoir” to France’s Black Friday sales frenzy? The End of Black Friday in France? That’s a Big “Absolutement” if French Politicans get their way. They’ll be voting soon on an amendment to end Black Friday in France on the grounds that it causes “resource waste” […]

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