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Covid French Friday



Covid French Friday, is, as you will understand, pretty much the same for the French people as for the rest of the Western World. They endure virus-imposed restrictions like social distancing, and irregular hours of certain business and their justly loved French restaurants.

But the Covid Virus in France, as difficult as it if for the French, pales in comparison to the United States. Now with 200,000 dead, 40 thousand unemployed, protests, repression, killer cops and a mentally challenged president who claims: “hardly anyone has been affected.”

Whatever the French may think of President Macron, they don’t doubt his mental capacity. And, looking across the water on this Covid Friday, the French people are, despite the deaths and hardship, “happy to be here.” And not -“there.”

That said, not all French are experiencing Covid in the same manner. Or to the same degree.

In the major cities, notably Paris and Marseille, the rates of infection, as you would expect from urban density, are greater. Likewise the advised precautions.

But in the French countryside, particular the very rural areas, the ones the French call: “Le France Profunde” – lives there have been significantly less affected. Again, a function of less density.

And, although legally, masks are mandatory nationwide, in the French Countryside, the reality is that they’re usually only worn in supermarkets or other businesses where you’ll be in contact with strangers.

Other than that, Covid French Friday, in “Le France Profunde”, looks pretty much like this:





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