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Donald Trump Was Right!

  Donald Trump was right. The system is rigged. And that’s making it hard for me. Because as the un-appointed expert on all things wild weird, wacky and way out in the Excited States of Paranoia, I’m expected to decipher, explain, and educate. Being a “one froggie- one vote” Nation – it was a stretch […]

13Dec2016 | | 29 comments | Continued
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Donald Trump – America’s Hitler

  Donald Trump is America’s Hitler. Muslims and Mexicans are his “inferior races.” Making Americans, by his implication the “Master Race.” I’m sadden ashamed, and embarassed that Donald Trump is America’s Hitler. Because as the resident American here, my European pals look to me to explain/translate/justify the “American Scene.” I tell them what I’m telling […]

11Mar2016 | | 24 comments | Continued
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The Spirit of Paris – The Spirit of France

  The Spirit of Paris – The Spirit of France is not dead or diminished. It hasn’t been broken by the inHuman terrorist attacks. It glows and pulses. From Brittany to Corsica. It echoes through the bars and brasseries. Through office towers and supermarkets. It’s message is clear, proud and forceful : ”We refuse fear. ” Yet, […]

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