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Bicycle Gourmet 2017 – New Years Wish

Bicycle Gourmet 2017 – New Years Wish

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words – then this one has an uncountable amount –

bicycle gourmet 2017

Make it your Mantra for this, and all years (If you haven’t already.)


What are ya thinkin’?

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9 Responses to “Bicycle Gourmet 2017 – New Years Wish”

  1. roger watkins says:

    amen. hopefully there are others who will share this much needed mindset.

  2. earle birdle says:

    with you 110% there roger….and i suspect i speak for all of da bg’s fans.

  3. susan golden says:

    absolutely “what the world needs now!”

  4. yap svennster says:

    one of your shortest – but most inspirational posts. many thanks for this much needed ray of light in our troubled world.

  5. geri walters says:

    sorry to be so long checking in….been away on holidays….and with the state of the world at the moment (especially the united states of trump/putin)..your message couldn’t be more timely!

  6. horace wilson says:

    the sentiment is, indeed admirable. but i’ve read that that style of photo – two loveable but different animals together – is the subject of some controversy.

  7. bob best says:

    uh…ok horace….so don’t keep us in the dark. what exactly is the “controversy” you’re referring to?

  8. horace wilson says:

    good point bob!…sorry to not have been more informative. in a nutshell, a certain zoo/animal rescue center has been..shall i be kind…”profiled” as
    abusing those animals, by forcing them – against their particular natures -è to “pose”..and more to the point, charging people to have their photos taken with “adorable animals.” their take is that they’re “raising awareness” for animal protection. if you google “animal exploitation”, or similair terms..
    i’m sure you find “them” in your results.

  9. bob best says:

    thanks horace. i’mm check this out. never imagined, after seeing those photos, that something like this could (potentially) be happening. thanks again for the heads up.

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