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Bicycle Gourmet 2017 – New Years Wish

Bicycle Gourmet 2017 – New Years Wish If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words – then this one has an uncountable amount – Make it your Mantra for this, and all years (If you haven’t already.) THROW ME A BONE HERE, PEOPLE What are ya thinkin’?

2Jan2017 | | 9 comments | Continued
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French Loire Chateaus – Part One

French Loire Chateaus. Amboise. Angers. Azay.Blois. Brissac.Chambord. Chinon.Chenonceau.Cheverny.Fontainebleau. Langeais. Villandry. No shortage of French Chateaus on the Loire. Mainly because it was the playground of French Kings. Who knew a good thing when they saw it. While all of the Loire River Chateaus have their particular and, dare I say, “individual” contributions to French History […]

22Oct2016 | | 26 comments | Continued
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Bicycle Gourmet’s Lavender Photo Course Workshop 2014

  Bicycle Gourmet’s Lavender Photo Course Workshop 2014…is full. Complete. Stuffed to the brim. With happy snappers. Who will be joinin’ DA BG to enhale(and that is the right word) the wonders of the emergence of Lavender  on the French Country Travel Life Backroads this here June. But, do not, repeat do not shed any tears […]

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