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French Country Travel Life Christmas 2014


french country travel life christmas 2014


DA  BG’s  French Country Travel Life Christmas 2014 is going to be a marvy extravaganza of words and pictures. Not all of them by yours truly. After all, variety IS the spice. N’est ce pas?

If you  be jonesin’ for the emotive prose and personal French Christmas Experience of the exotic stranger from the faraway lands…you’ll want to feast your eyeballs on this Christmas Pudding.

For a more varied, and we hope, complimentary taste of the French Festive season…jus’ direct your eyes below….


What are ya thinkin’?

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21 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Christmas 2014”

  1. fay manners says:

    a sort but very engaging post..way to go bg! hope you have a great christmas!

  2. grady martinson says:

    tbhis is one time where i’m happy to see more pictures than words. season best mr bg!

  3. harvey dempster says:

    if you can’t get in the FRENCH christmas spirit after this post..check for a pulse!

  4. lonnie marshall says:

    you got that right harvey! – three really interesting videos.

  5. annie nonomis says:

    like da bg says “a great christmas pudding”(actually three puddings – and no indigestion! -what a concept!)

  6. dave winston says:

    this post..an,d these videos really do convey the spirit of a French Christmas. hats off again to “DA BG.”…and merry christmas!

  7. unger stevens says:

    you’ve really captured the spirit of the season here. seasons best to you mr BG!

  8. alice mortenson says:

    you got that right unger….and DA BG did it in very few words!

  9. kent clarke says:

    obviously, another great post….but i must say i equally enjoyed the old christmas post DA BG linked to here. anyone else in the same boat?

  10. walt densmore says:

    kent..i’m withya in that boat! (and i suspect we’re not alone – lol!)

  11. geri walters says:

    exceptional post…and equally excellent opening photo. ican feel the chill!

  12. lani marshall says:

    we’ve really cooked up my kind of(internet) christmas pudding BG; YUM!!

  13. tad sample says:

    three videos are not necessary better than one….but they sure put you in the french christmas spirit! all the best of the season BG!

  14. barry mcmaster says:

    wondering how much difference there is in terms of the extent of family celebrations at a french christmas.

  15. jack robbins says:

    good point barry!…..any genuis’ out there?

  16. dani ashford says:

    jack…..not to nit pick..but…that would be “geni”

  17. jack robbins says:

    dani….thanks for correcting my horrible mistake…(btw – are you an english teacher?)

  18. dani ashford says:

    no jack…..i just enjoy “nit picking”

  19. cal worthington says:

    ok folks..getting back to barry’s original question..altho i’m the first to admit i’m no french expert….after two visits there..i think i can safely say..that family is very very big at a french christmas.

  20. larry croman says:

    cal..by “very very big”…do you mean it has greater importance than in the usa?

  21. cal worthington says:

    exactly larry. sorry – i should have been clearer. happily – you were!

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