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Tour de France News 2015



Tour de France News 2015 – Why hasn’t DA BG, French Cycling Gourmet non snobby guide to all things French given you any?

Well – other than the obvious(and logical answer) – that being that Le Tour is in the World’s eyeballs thanks to a multitude of media more powerful (and perhaps insightful) than any scribbles from me –

is that I previously detailed my continuing(albiet distant) relation to my cycling brothers in lycra in THIS POST

And here, is the other side of “speed thrills”…


What are ya thinkin’!

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17 Responses to “Tour de France News 2015”

  1. tur neuman says:

    another vision of the famous tour..one we never would hacve known otherwise…..bravo AGAIN DA BG!

  2. fran dennis says:

    too true tur(btw – interesting first name!) there are two kinds of reporting – the usual b.s. and the inside scoop from DA BG.

  3. matt parker says:

    very balanced post…reminding everyone that our obession with speed is not without consequences.

  4. mary evans says:

    you’re so right matt and DA BG is so RIGHT ON!

  5. ollie zomer says:

    while i agree completely with matt and mary..for me the highlight of this post was the previous one…..relating DA BG’s relationship with the tour de france riders.

  6. sam roberts says:

    seconded ollie…i too particularly enjoyed that.(and the rest, of course)

  7. herman getting says:

    the previous commentators have pretty much said everything i would have said..so all there’s left is another BIG thanks for this to DA BG! long may he spoil us!!!

  8. geri walters says:

    tour de france coverage you can’t ge anywhere else. great stuff!

  9. kev ammans says:

    including the crash video was a master stroke;;COOL§

  10. elain palm says:

    to underscore the negative side of our obsession with speed/

  11. pat walker says:

    i’m a big fan of DA BG’s writing/reporting…but for me..the tour de france is to quote shakespeare, “much ado about nothing!”

  12. tom ronson says:

    pat..respecty your opinion…but millions of sports fans (and francophiles) wouldn’t agree with you.

  13. pat walker says:

    tom…viva la difference!

  14. neville chambers says:

    sorry to give you a thumbs down..but i thought including the crash video was NOT in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

  15. paul rogers says:

    neville – “Good Sportsmanship” – dude, what are you smoking?

  16. emmie clark says:

    paul.;with you 110%…..neville is another plant..for sure!

  17. paul rogers says:

    obviously emmie..the planet of “no crashes” (due to “good sportsmanship!)

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