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French Country Travel Life Chateaux History Lesson


bicycle gourmets treasures of francebicycle gourmets treasures of france

The French Country Travel Life Chateaux History Lesson went down yesterday. And the day before. And you missed it! That is, unless you WERE lucky enough to be here. Because the French Country Travel Life Chateaux History Lesson only shows it’s Historical face once a year.

And, DA BG’s  marvy title notwithstanding it’s not ONLY about the Chateaux’s of your dreams. But all the incredible, fantastic, unbelieveable (and sometimes quirky) aspects of French Culture.

It’s official name be “Le Journees Du Patrimone” – literally “The Days of our History.” What’s ab/fab and groovy about this National event, is that the “grand public” (French for: “the common people” – ie – everyone  without a black Amex card) get to enter, gawk and take pictures of, all the Chateaux’s, Churches, Government buildings that they normally can only stand outside of to gawk  at and/or take ” here is us in front of the Chateaux” snaps.

One of the biggest attractions(where da common folk actually maxed out the reservations both days) was a prison for the criminally insane! Undeniable proof that whoever said : “It takes all kinds to make a world” wasn’t just Whistlin’ Dixie! (or more appropiately here, “Le Marseillaise.”)

Since the The French Country Travel Life Chateaux History Lesson is a heavy duty VISUAL event….let’s cut right to the Historical chase and get down with some  rad Patrimoneal Image action:

This here is a general picture show of the top spots.


And this be the Chateaux’s of the Loire. (Warning: opening graphics and music from 1960…..but after that….Da good stuff.)


What are ya thinkin’?

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23 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Chateaux History Lesson”

  1. will stenson says:

    great post….and those videos really drive the point home….

  2. viki lawson says:

    BG.;you are SOOO lucky to be living there!..and we are so lucky to having you give us the the down home personal view.

  3. ellie clarke says:

    i’m with viki!…those videos especially were the icing on the cake!

  4. meg waters says:

    thanks for yet another post that makes us all jealous we’re not there (lol!)

  5. arlen andlesen says:

    it’s great to see a country taking such a positive and comprehsneive approach to educating it’s people about their heritage…an example other countries should be following.(no names mentioned!)

  6. ted zennerston says:

    amen to that arlen.(i won’t name names either – lol!)

  7. resse talman says:

    another welcome back from me BG..fab post..as usual..hoping to see some of the pics from your summer photo tours!

  8. penny yester says:

    thats a big “10-4” from me also reese….but if i remember correctly from DA BG’s last post about his tours..he needs to wait until the folks send them to him….

  9. ken tressman says:

    sounds like a blast!..the culutral kind, of course !!!

  10. marly kenster says:

    you always have such great adventures…and..so do we when you share them/ keep it up BG!

  11. halrlan bridgewater says:

    a good post..but you’ve already done this event…as you confirmed by linking to the earlier post.

  12. bette fiddler says:

    halrlan….do i detect the faint smell of “sour grapes?”

  13. olive unger says:

    bette…i think your sense of smell is totally “on the money”

  14. enid murphy says:

    thank you so much for this..the videos enhanced your usual fine reporting.

  15. helen andersen says:

    would have liked to be there!…but your post and the videos are the next best thing.

  16. mel boyers says:

    you got that right helen! can always count on da bg to keep us up to date….especially on the stuff that’s “out of date!” (lol)

  17. kath tremain says:

    hey mel…..i’m not “lol” with your “humor.”

  18. alice mortenson says:

    kath….i second that emotion.

  19. don barry says:

    your posts always set the bar very high for others who cover the “french country life beat.” This one is no exception.

  20. tammi perdue says:

    amen don! surely DA BG’s middle initial id “Q” for quality.

  21. harvey dempster says:

    tammi and don…..how much is he paying you for all the gushing B.S.?
    if it’s good easy money – let me know – i could use some.

  22. pers talman says:

    harvey…..if such a position were available….i imagine, considering da bg’ high standards….there would be a very tough “gushing exam.”
    so…the money probably wouldn’t be easy.

  23. elaine palm says:

    exactly pers…..so…that would seem to mean harvey should be looking elsewhere….right?

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