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France’s Most Amazing Chateau?


Chenonceau The Dream French Chateau  is the one, of all I have known and seen – that I would like to be the owner of.

While it’s a cliche to say Chenonceau is “steeped in History” (and what French Chetau isn’t?) it is a history basically of rivalry and romance. The rivalry being between the Queen of that moment – Catherine de Medici, and Diane de Poitiers. The tutor, and later mistress of King Henri 2. My faithful readers ( all three of them) will recall I told this tale in THIS POST.

As the visual aspect of Chenonceau is it’s most distinctive and unique exterior feature, here are three videos that will give you -as you would imagine – three different flavors of this very large slice of French History:

Authors note: Chenonceau, although a classified Historical monument is owned by the Menier Family. (They of – at least in france – chocolate fame)

More Info HERE.


What are ya thinkin’?

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34 Responses to “France’s Most Amazing Chateau?”

  1. amy hallow says:

    after seeing these videos..i can understand why you’d like to own this!..i mean – who wouldn’t?

  2. bev carcom says:

    ditto here amy…the videos really give you the atmosphere of the place!

  3. walt rutherford says:

    you had me at the opening photo!

  4. doris clemmens says:

    totally agree with you on the uniqueness of tis fanatastic chateaux! thanks for the videos.

  5. genni graham says:

    i previously read your post about this chateau, so seeing these videos was really the icing on the (french) cake. delicious!

  6. coral anderson says:

    another.;dare i say..”classic Bg post?”..but then..they’re all classics for me!

  7. garth branster says:

    with you 100% there coral! – matter of fact, everything about da bg is classic – yeah?

  8. coral anderson says:

    with you 110% there garth! (lol)

  9. reg watson says:

    as good as this post is..that opening photo for me..it (the effiel tower notwithstanding) THE symbol of everything france has to offer!

  10. yan betters says:

    see where you’re going with that reg….history, mainly i guess…nothing says “history” better than a french cahteaux – right?

  11. reg watson says:

    you’re absolutely on the money there yan!

  12. doris clemmens says:

    what i love about this posts…which i find in all your history related posts..is that you really make the facts come alive..with the stories of the people who lived in those times…warts and all…

  13. tom preston says:

    that gets a big “amen” from me Doris..too much of what we’re offered in the media is dumbed down/revised/re-hashed cliche history//that’s been molded to fit whatever is being sold!

  14. sharon marks says:

    bg..if you really want that chateau….the “creative visulation” fans would say you just need to substiute “my chateau” for “my prince” in the song:
    “someday my price will come.”(lol)

  15. karl tremain says:

    hey sharon..think that would work for us non bg folks..who might also want a chateau?

  16. sharon marks says:

    well karl…..while i can’t say for sure…..it IS a free method…and that’s pretty much a price everyone can afford, right?

  17. karl tremain says:

    absolutely.and….if it does work…..i’ll definitely invite you! (lol)

  18. sharon marks says:

    karl – it’s a deal! (you will be serving wine from your immense collection, right?

  19. xavier morrow says:

    great way to start exploring France!

  20. brian belding says:

    exceptional post..a much needed reminder of all the country has to offer!

  21. ann henning says:

    your excellent post is a wake up call that, as wonderful as it may be, there is more to france than just paris.

  22. tom preston says:

    with ya 110% there ann! Lucky we have Da Bg to give us the big picture!

  23. ferris jabr says:

    having visited chenonceau several times, i want to complement you on this post -which gives those who haven’t yet visited..all the inspiration (and information) they need.

  24. carson tremmens says:

    as great as the videos are…the opening image is truly captivating…keep ’em comin bg!

  25. oddie clark says:

    with ya the all the way carson! da bg is spoiling us again (lol!)

  26. jim groban says:

    fascinating history…as you detailed it so expertley in your tears of cheonceau post….and seeing these videos makes it come alive even more!

  27. kylie linster says:

    too true jim – too bad we never had a history teacher in school like da bg!

  28. paul clinch says:

    refreshing to see a post with a majority of videos..which is not to say we don’t appreciate your reportage! just sayin’

  29. ann henning says:

    don’t despair bg..maybe the owners would let you use it on weekends during the winter?

  30. john willims says:

    ann.Nice thought.;but Winter in a cold drafty chateau?

  31. ann henning says:

    john – a cold drafty chateau with a HUGE fireplace!

  32. john willims says:

    ann – ok – great weekend if you’re up for spending all of it in one room!

  33. ann henning says:

    john…..not a problem for me. (i’ll let you know if i’m offered) (lol)

  34. karl tremain says:

    sharon – no worries! i mean, what good is an immense collection that’s never shared?

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