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Famous French Pie – Part One



The French Country Travel Life Pie  is uniquely French. That being said, it doesn’t, at least in the incarnations of which I’m aware, have any wine, or exotic flavored spirits within.

Although it can be made with pears, peaches, pineapple, or even (not to DA BG’s taste!) tomatoes, this thoroughly French dessert is usually made with apples. Which are caramelized in butter and sugar before baking.

The closest (perhaps only?) non-French relative of this froggie delicacy is the pineapple upside down cake. And if you saw this famous French creation, that’s probably what you’d mistake it for. Because the “Tart Tatin” is an apple upside down cake.

While not obscured in the mists of time, like most culinary creations, there are different accounts of exactly who the original creators were. The most widely accepted “Historical reality” is that the Tart Tatin was created accidently by one of two sisters who ran a small Hotel south of Paris. Their family name? – Tatin.

Regardless of the accuracy of it’s origins, the “Tart Tatin” Is a classic in the French culinary repetoire.

My friend Jean Tatin, a descendant of those sisters, is also a classic. Not for his connection to the “family tart” or his fine wine. But for his Humanity. Jean Tatin is a Classic “human being.” Who just happens to be French.

It was raining the night I met Jean. Not heavily. But steadily. And the temperature and color of the sky confirmed that it wasn’t going to improve. Plus, it was getting seriously dark.I was in the flat farmlands of the Cher region. Just before the Loire bends to the right and turns toward Bourges. Farm country. No “single family dwellings.” Just another farm every five to 10 kilometers.

At one of these “few and far between” cow posts where I stopped to inform Ma and Pa that this could be their big (and only) chance to offer some DRY French hospitality to the exotic stranger from the far away lands, the friendly farmette graciously demured. But said that I would most probably find a warm(and dry) welcome at the next farm down the line.

Ten soggy minutes later, I was at the front door of a large, but (for that region) suprisingly large house. Definitely not from the same “been here for 200 years” mold of the neighbour farms.

My knock was answered quickly. With a relaxed smile. By a Man of my height. But, happily for him, with more “meat on his bones.” Jean Tatin.

Part Two – Next Time

p.s. in case you missed the video above – HERE’S THE LINK!


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34 Responses to “Famous French Pie – Part One”

  1. great video – the french wine grapes- looks like a party to me!

  2. emma watson says:

    your next book should be : How to find BG style adventures!

  3. with ya there emma…..I’d buy a copy.

  4. good to see you sharing some “dessert adventures.” (not that the other gourmet offerings aren’t appreciated.!)

  5. ted enders says:

    another idea for your next book: “bicycle gourmet’s french dessert favorites”. whadda ya think people?

  6. janet brown says:

    Ted – I think it would DEFINITELY fly!

  7. Ted and Janet – That’s a VVVery big “10-4” from me!

  8. vic cynters says:

    i love your line: “while not obscured in the mists of time…”
    great stuff!

  9. unger stevens says:

    interested to read more about M. TATIN..sounds like he’s going to be an interesting guy!

  10. barry mcmaster says:

    have to be just a little bit jealous of all the great adventures you have….but happy that you share them with us!

  11. candance meeker says:

    hey barry…why be jealous?…why not just get on your bike and go for it?

  12. megan ambrose says:

    if it was possible to eat food online….i would have chowed down on your opening photo long ago!

  13. barry mcmaster says:

    candance…..would love to!…my obstacles are a wife, a job, five kids and no bike!

  14. tia westen says:

    i hear ya megan…me too!

  15. candance meeker says:

    barry……get a bike…the rest will follow!

  16. geri walters says:

    candance..is this like “field of dreams?”….you know…..”build it and they will come?”

  17. candance meeker says:

    geri…you’re smarter than the average bear.

  18. ramon martinez says:

    like very much this post….you always giv mucn in,formations and this is very interesting to the subject. thank you.

  19. paul castman says:

    hey candance and geri……i’d also love to follow in the tiretracks of DA BG…but can’t..for the usual reasons….but reading his adventures gets me halfway there…..howsabout you?

  20. bev ross says:

    really appreciate your personal adventures….you seem to be on a roll latley wiyth these. keep it up!

  21. tellman knudson says:

    absolutely paul!….better to read about it then never have it!

  22. walt densmore says:

    i second the that motion bev! Can’t get enough of the up close and personal BG!

  23. howard steinman says:

    with ya lock stock and bicycle tellman!

  24. ted danbury says:

    yes..i have to say it…a totally DELICIOUS post!!!

  25. candance meeker says:

    with you 110% there ted! YUM!

  26. serge potvin says:

    love your two and three part stories..always someting more to look forward to!

  27. ab rosen says:

    hey serge…with DA BG ALWAYS something to loook foward to…isn’t that why we keep coming back?

  28. francote telsa says:

    ab..coming back? I’ve never been away ! -lol!!!)

  29. ravi singh says:

    while other travel writers are focused on a a singular theme…you always
    offer a smorgasbord of subjects.

  30. chris palomi says:

    Your Video really gives us a feeling for jean tatin and his family. Not to mention the flavor of French Country life.

  31. hey chris..with ya there 110%. Especially the “flavor” part. (hint – hint!)

  32. That picture is soooo mouthwatering, I’ve just gotta try this!

  33. Betty – if it rocks….and why wouldn’t it?…..you WILL share a photo, won’t you?

  34. Claire – AAAAAbsolutely!

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