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Famous French Pie – Part Three

(authors note : checking out parts ONE and TWO will enable you to be more “hip to da trip.”)

There came a time in the life of the exotic stranger from the far away lands, when he was obliged to take a pause in his French Travelling adventures. A Long Pause. For the understandable reason of translating his unique experiences into words and pictures. Otherwise, he would be the only one enjoying them. (never the concept!)

To accomplish these feats of daring do (or is that daring “do-do?”) he needed not to worry about those mundane, yet essential daily “life elements” such as food, shelter and internet access. Having no deep pockets, or friends with the same, and not elegible (or prepared to wait) for a grant from the “we-help-exotic-strangers-from-the-far-away-lands-with-their-life-changing-artistic projects” foundation – a sound could be heard. The sound of one hand clapping.

The answer to this zen riddle was provided by (you’re ahead of me already, aren’t you?) – Jean Tatin.Here’s what happened : It was early September. Jean was preparing for “le vendange.” The grape harvest. In not one, but two vineyards. They would be consecutive, but not concurrent. (as my English teacher would have said) ie-one after the other. With tons of prep. needed to house, feed and transport them thar grape pickers.

Would not a promotional video of le vendage be helpful to Domaines Tatin?

And were there not many ocassions where music would take tastings and other vineyard functions to – yes, I must say it – “The next level?”

And would it not also be advantageous to have a “go-fer” at the ready for additional, instanteous assistance? (“go-fer” being not the small furry animal that digs up yer garden, but an “errand person” – as in go-fer this, go-fer that.)

Verily, so it was, I proposed to Jean that he do what Universities and Colleges have done for countless eons. Welcome an “Artist-In-Residence.” He agreed. And Wine making history was made! (that is, unless, some other wino already had an “A.I.R.”)

I was “installed” in a tiny, but every so cozy “mother-in-law” apartment at the end of the gite closest to the house. One windowless room – bed and table. (but windows in the door) With an even tinier rectangular kitchen/shower adjacent. In Hollywood-ese: an “efficiency apartment.”

It was there I toiled with writing and editing. An internet connected portable in the house was available when needed.

I ate with the family. And was, as agreed, pressed into whatever service Jean needed.

Part Four of my A.I.R. experience at Domaines Tatin – Next Time.


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25 Responses to “Famous French Pie – Part Three”

  1. dave winston says:

    fantastic idea!…..and you were incredibly lucky to find someone as progressive as jean tatin…..way to go!

  2. fran dennis says:

    you said it all dave……jean tatin is obviously one very clued in guy!

  3. helmut kilnedunst says:

    always enjoy your many adventures…..this one is especially interesting.

  4. lara greenspan says:

    i’ll go you one better helmut….this series is fantastically interesting!

  5. paul castman says:

    the vendange video alone is worth the price of admission!

  6. geri walters says:

    hey paul….and the price of admission is????

  7. paul castman says:

    gotcha geri…..the world’s best price…..FREE!

  8. tammi perdue says:

    what i enjoyed most about your video was that it gives you a really feeling for jean tatin and his family……and of course the spirit of the vendange.

  9. agree with the other commentor a the about the video. class stuff!

  10. your adventures are truly unbelieveable. but – since you have the proof – we DO believe you(lol)

  11. as a videographer myself – i really appreciate the way you structured the visual narrative. it seamlessly advanced the story. with no extraneous fluff. bravo!

  12. dave johnson says:

    love your description of the “residence” of the artist in residence

  13. emma watson says:

    mr. waterman clark – what he said!

  14. emma – our elequence is breath taking.

  15. emma watson says:

    freeman – i’ll take that as a compliment.

  16. emma – your spelling is equally “elequent”

  17. emma watson says:

    people – if you keep up with these compliments – i won’t be able to keep my hat on!

  18. never knew there were two kinds of gophers….until now1

  19. ivan reitman says:

    harry – you should know by now – da bg knows way more than you think he knows.

  20. ivan reitman says:

    ivan – including, but not limited to, various little furry animals?

  21. abso -furring – lootly!

  22. loved your description of your artist’s residence – “efficiency appartment”
    (obviously you’ve had some experience with hollywood!)

  23. joan – you should know by now that da bg has had experience with almost everything that matters.

  24. lima karras says:

    karen – you forgot to include : “experiences that matter yet to be discovered.”

  25. lima – sadly, i lack your considerable powers of perception. but happily you’ve shared therm with us.

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