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French Country Travel Life Camera Caper – Part One

This French Country Travel Life Camera Caper is like the course of true love.It  isn’t always smooth. Especially on the road of foreign travel. As your experience has no doubt confirmed. But don’t you find when those unexpected clouds of disaster (and aren’t they the worst kind?) do blacken your sky, they’re always worse when you’re abroad?

For the obvious reason: You’re in foreign territory. You don’t know the rules and regs. What button to push. Which color ink to use. Who to call. And when you do call your embassy’s 24 “emergency” line, you get a recording. Which says: “If this is a real honest ta gosh life threatening emergency, call this number. Which you do. And get..(you’re ahead of me already, aren’t you?)…yes,…no answer.

DA BG feels your pain. Because he’s been there, done that and has many tee-shirts to prove it. This is one such black cloud disaster movie:

I’m filming happily in a bucolic middle of nowhere, when my camcorder craps out. Cleverly realizing that the middle of nowhere “instant-photos-be-us” will be of no help, I high tail it for the big smoke. Paris. There in the New York of France I will surely receive an enthusiatic “customer service welcome.”

And, dear reader, I do. The only problem is, that my unit’s manufacturer’s idea of a “European Service Center” is one that simply distributes brochures extolling the virtues of it’s many products. (Reliability, bien sur, being one of them.)

My Homlesian powers of deduction and reason propel me to the logical conclusion in scant micro-seconds: It’s gotta go back home for repairs.


So it does. And I? What to do in Paris for the (at least) two weeks repairs will take? Happily, a friend has a vacant apartment in the heart of the 16th arrondissement. The “Beverly Hills” of Paris. Here live the folks who do not ask the price. They just buy.

I, on the other hand, just look.(And do my shopping at Monoprix – the discount supermart – where, I’m happy to report I did score great bottles of wine for under 3 euros more than once.)

As you might imagine (and perhaps even know?) the 16th is a “pleasant” place. With a capital “P.” A small (laid back expensive) village vibe. Resulting in a proliferation of sidewalk cafes and other ambulatory diversions.

On the leafy green side o’ things, the 16th has a small park – “Le Jardin du Poet” (“The Poet’s Garden) in which I spent many relaxing (brain turned off) hours. The Bois du Bologne, the major Paris park, is also relatively nearby. (Relative to your mode of transport.)

Part Two – Next Time.


What are ya thinkin’?

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21 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Camera Caper – Part One”

  1. sum yung says:

    liking very much your story. wait for the rest next tome. bonjour!

  2. barbara white says:

    nothing beats these type of posts….your personal experiences and reflections.

  3. evie sanchez says:

    you said it barbara!…..getting the inside scoop from DA BG tells you much more about france than any guidebook!

  4. colin endersly says:

    good to know that there’s a “beverly hills” in paris. (lol!)

  5. rena thompson says:

    i can imaging the anxiety you must have had in this situation…

  6. carl weatherly says:

    with ya there rena….but i get hte impression DA BG is one cool cucumber who can roll with the punches.

  7. barry dennison says:

    more probably carl….he can duck the punches…or at least some of them?

  8. brett walker says:

    once again..a great personal adventure from DA BG!..i especially resonated with the part about the embassy emergency phone….too true!

  9. tina little says:

    agree brett..that was a hoot!

  10. greil markus says:

    brett and tina…with ya……and like to add that the “service center” story was also way true!

  11. reston clark says:

    really like this….sort of a “fish out of water” situation…
    know what i mean?

  12. ian wisdom says:

    barbara….re: “know what i mean? – NO. please explain

  13. barbara billy says:

    hi ian…no problem…what i was getting at was that DA BG is usually having country adventures….and now he finds himself in a city.

  14. fred charman says:

    i feel your pain on that “european service center” scene. been there. done that too. didn’t want the tee-shirt! (lol)

  15. al pendergast says:

    appreciate the way you included photosq on the places you describe. really makes it come more alive.

  16. sheila gonzalez says:

    thanks to you, i have make a note to see this place when i make my visit to france. hola!

  17. marly starwater says:

    many readers have said this before i suppose….but what makes you so readable (for me) is that you can convey the essence of the action in a few infoi packed sentences. where any other writer would stretch it into a pargraph.

  18. tellman knudson says:

    with you 110% there marly…….”less IS more”..and DA BG is the expert in giving us more in his unique style. (no, he’s not paying me for this! – lol)

  19. zac johnson says:

    the obvious question (er..maybe not so obvious as no one yet seems to have asked it)..will DA BG be styling us with more personal pâris info?

  20. barton stevers says:

    zac..you mean on other arrondiements in paris.

  21. zac johnson says:

    i do indeed!

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