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French Country Travel Life Cruises




French Country Travel Life Cruises – You can have one on a multitude of waterways. As you’ve probably suspected. all depending on how long you have, and your, ahem..shall we say:”boating style?”

Perhaps best known – the Loire – France’s longest river, former Number one cargo route for transporting everything to villages along, and the ocean at the end. Back in the day. These days, although it’s freight forwarding days haven’t ended, the Loire is largely a pleasure cruise destination. And, truth be told, there are many visual pleasures on offer à cote it’s(excuse a moi) “Her” banks.

The Loire also has it’s own canal. The canal Lateral, which glides you through tree lined banks and “Villages du Charme.” One of it’s more spectacular features being it’s passage over the Pont du Canal just ahead of the town of Briare.

The Pont du Canal, constructed by none other than Gustave Eiffel (Yes, the “Tower man”) is a watery bridge perched above the Loire. Da Bg can and hereby does confirm, that sailing over a watery bridge, with water below, is an experience that 60’s acid heads could never have  imagined.

But for my money(or lack of it, to be precise) the” King o’ the hill “of French Country Travel Life Cruises, is to be had on the Canal du Midi. This waterway, not as long as the Loire, but definitely not a do-it-in-a weekend outing, is a laid back mash up of (mostly former) freight carrying canal boats. “Re-imagined” as houseboats. And pleasure cruisers of all nationalities.

You can catch the vibe in THIS VIDEO.


What are ya thinkin’?

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15 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Cruises”

  1. fran dennis says:

    BG – sign me up!

  2. al morrow says:

    with ya there fran – 110% (lol!)

  3. steve clarkson says:

    the pont du canal info was new to me..just shows how much you can learn from Da Bg!

  4. ennis evans says:

    really puts you in the mood for a relaxing vacation…want to go!

  5. gerry forbis says:

    as usal – great info from Da Bg.!(yes, you’re spoiling us..but KEEP IT UP!) p

  6. sue truman says:

    me too, gerry, doesn’t take any imagination to picture yourself there, does it?

  7. valerie ramis says:

    a classic example of “laid back” French Cycling Gourmet style!

  8. ted zimmer says:

    we took a cruise on the canal du midi last year..and i can assure those who haven’t that it’s even more fantastic than the photos/video!

  9. mark bradley says:

    ted….you’ve got me sohopped up i just might have to buy a plane ticket and get there bfore summers over!

  10. trish melville says:

    i’m with you mark…..and..lucky for me….i’m a travel agent!

  11. mark bradley says:

    trish…does that mean you’re going to hook me up? (with a great price?)

  12. walt greelis says:

    BG.;i am SOOO ready for this!

  13. janica parsons says:

    walt…you’got company….LOTS of it! (lol)

  14. freda langman says:

    after this post i’m waiting for some brillant tech genius to debut a transporter that will allow us to jump into videos like the one you shared here!

  15. eva cassidy says:

    freda….i wasn’t waiting….;until now! (lol°

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