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French Travel Life Name Game

Having read my French Cycling Gourmet post, you’ll know I choose to call my film – “Bicycle Gourmet’s Treasures of France.” But ….why?……Treasures of France..ok. No mystery. No confusion there. All kindsa treasures. Historic, Senic. Cultural. Culinary. Human. So then, why precede it with “Bicycle Gourmet?”

Yes, I DID realize I was placing my cinematic privates in a vise by including those two words to describe a program that was NOT a cooking show.

And why? We’ll get to that. But, first things first. Since I’m traveling by bicycle…..impossible to use any other word to describe the concept. N’est ce pas? (if you don’t know French, this would be a good time to go to babelfish.com and get yer free translation. I use it all the time!)

So, chew on this – Am I traveling by bicycle EXCLUSIVELY for the wine?, the food? the natural beauty?, the people? Or,am I traveling exclusively by bicycle to experience ALL of the above?

You’re getting my drift, are you not, dear reader? My intention was(and is),to “taste” everything! And what name do we give to someone who tastes everything?

In English, it’s “Gourmet.” N’est ce pas? (you did look it up, right ?)

The French have a similar word – “gourmand”…but it’s common translation, is “someone who eats everything.” In short – “a pig.” Visualize….”Next on HBO…..”Bicycle Pigs Treasures of France!” Does’nt really scan, does it?

The only other English possibility would have been“Dilettante.” Two problems there. One – sounds too snobby. Two – would mean nothing to the educationally challenged.

Ergo–”BICYCLE GOURMET’S Treasures of France.”

The question is : “If you were in my sandals…….what name would you have chosen?”


What are ya thinkin’?

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3 Responses to “French Travel Life Name Game”

  1. lois chudley says:

    I see what you’re getting at….but…if i saw a show titled “bicycle pig’s treasures of france”, i would be intrigued enough to check it out!

  2. kevin wilkerson says:

    Glad I did’nt have to make the decision. Tough call!

  3. Frank Trumpelton says:

    I would have gone straight for the jugular with :” France – not a cooking/travel show.” Think it would fly with the money men?

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