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Why Take A French Photo Workshop Course in 2014?




Why Take A French Photo Workshop Course in 2014?  Well..first of all it can’t help but be a lotta fun right? (and isn’t that one of the best reasons for doing anything?) But beyond that, the other obvious dividend is that you will retrun home with  incredible images you would otherwise not have snagged. And , by doing so, you would surely have improved your photography. n’est ce pas?

But another, less obvious benefit of a making 2014 your French Photo Workshop Year, is a Cultural one. To take a great picture, you first have to have great knowledge of the subject.

What profession were most top Wildlife Photographers in before they became top Wildlife photographers? That’s right – Biology. And those that weren’t “bio-savvy” had to get that way. Otherwise they wouldn’t be getting any “animal Kodak Moments.” Getting my drift? Got to know the habits of those marvy wild creatures if you want to snap ’em in their tracks.

Now obviously a direct parallel with France is not really kosher. Landscapes and Lavender don’t roam around too much. Ok – lavender and trees may dance a little in the wind – but those hilltop villages – they won’t be foraging around anytime soon – will they?

But – and here’s the big take-away – the more you know about ’em – the better your images reflecting them will be!

So, before you sign on the dotted line for the Ultimate Photography Course Workshop France 2014, crack a book or two, watch some quality docs, buy a few “been there – done that” DVD’s – get to know your subject(s) prep a “short list” of your top “to snap before I die” photo ops – and we’ll go from there. OK?


What are ya thinkin’?

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15 Responses to “Why Take A French Photo Workshop Course in 2014?”

  1. barry mcmaster says:

    can’t argue with your logic!

  2. hal davis says:

    my arm twisted! (again!)

  3. denny martin says:

    i would have signed on for just the holiday!…but the workshop as well…..too cool!!!

  4. candance meeker says:

    i like the way you advise people to check out all the other providers before making a decision. very self-less.

  5. jack aubrey says:

    totally with ya!…how could it NOT be anything but fun?!

  6. bob dibble says:

    someone else commented about your logic. for me it’s your honesty. the way you lay everything out without any hype; top marks for that mr BG!

  7. annie nonomis says:

    the opening pix is so france..i just want to jump right into it!

  8. karl endersly says:

    do you have a price for all the tours?;;tha

  9. evans certain says:

    another price question: is there a discount if some takes more than one tour? thanks

  10. garth branster says:

    i second that comment about the opening photo! if that’zs any indication of what we can expect (and i’m sure it is) there’s gonna be a lot of happy campers this spring and summer! way to go BG!!!

  11. ingrid stevens says:

    i can’t think of a better excuse for going to france§ thanks for this bg!

  12. ian bennet says:

    although i’ve visited france semi-regularly (unfortunately only on business) i never seriously considered a photo workshop before.
    I AM NOW!

  13. britta ennersen says:

    love you line about lavender and hilltop villages not roaming around! and yes, i’ve signed up for the lavender workshop. can’t wait! (but i guess i’ll have to eh?)

  14. britta ennersen says:

    “know your subject ” – very good advice mr bg. in any field..but especially for photography.

  15. horace kilmstook says:

    what i like about you…even more than your humor and info, is the fact that you encourage us to “shop around” for the photo workshop that suits us best. that’s REALLY having your readers best interests at heart

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