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Best French Wines – Domaines or Negociants – Part One

 Best French Wines – Domaines or Negociants – Part One   …will be for some of  DA BG’s faithful a (short) trip down “wine education lane.” While others (that would be the “glass with every meal except breakfast” crowd) the following will be the news of many yesterday’s past. Alllllllrighty then – let’s dive in! […]

11Dec2012 | | 16 comments | Continued
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Underwater French Wine Cellar

  Underwater French Wine Cellar? Yes, Virginia, there IS such an animal. But before I let the cat out of the bag – or , more appropriately – the fish out of the acquarium – why would any steeped-in-tradition-this-is-the-only-way-to-do-it French Wino want an undersea wine cellar? The short answer is : because it has been […]

17Jun2012 | | 19 comments | Continued
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French Wine Courtesy Of China

French Wine Courtesy Of China. What, China is giving the World French Wine? Close, but no cigar. China is giving the World the opportunity to BUY the less expensive big name French Wines. How? Why? – Because it’s slurping up all the expensive ones. This has put the (ever so subtle) pressure on the grand […]

20May2012 | | 39 comments | Continued