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French Wine Cola Marriage

The French Wine Cola Marriage  is the latest wrinkle on the face of French Wine merchandising. It’s, as the name suggests, red wine, “flavored” with a cola. DA BG says : YEEEECH! (and, yes, you may quote me) While some would applaud this as “progress advancement away from traditionalism”, others (myself included) call it for what […]

24Jul2013 | | 21 comments | Continued
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French Country Travel Life Wine Online

   French Country Travel Life Wine Online is becoming an increasing reality. It least for the ordering part of the process. There has yet to be a satisfactory(if any) “virtual tasting.” But, DA BG doesn’t doubt that somewhere, some digital wine nerd is crunching his O’s and 1’s trying to “make it so.” Yea, verily, […]

17Feb2013 | | 27 comments | Continued
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Best French Wines – Domaines or Negociants? – Part Two

Best French Wines – Domaines or Negociants? – Part Two   Does have it’s own unique charm. (Would DA BG foist anything “uncharming” upon you?) However, catching up withPART ONE might add to your charm, not to mention knowledge/appreciation quotient. n’est ce pas? Freedom is négociants’ favorite word (although they’ll also admit it can be a double-edged […]

17Dec2012 | | 9 comments | Continued