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French Riviera Vacation – Part Three

Only half a mile from Cannes, but atmospherically in another universe, is the tranquil isle of Ste. Marguerite. One of two islands in the Lerins “chain.” Here you will find no boutique, no swingin’ hot spot, and no souvenir stand. You’ll have to be content with acres of pine studded pathways, deserted beaches, soft salty ocean […]

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French Riviera Vacation – Part Two

Following on from Part One of this Saga…. The city of Cannes… 6. Attracts : Mostly Scandanavian and Japanese tourists. Although obnoxious Americans have been known to sneak in.(And not just during film festival!) 7. Has:  An extreme case of “Security Fever.” Proudly proclaiming : ” one videocam for every 280 inhabitants.” Not that I […]

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French Travel – Dangers and Delights

  My brother and I , like most siblings, are complete opposites. He’s“Mr. Caution.” I’m (as you may have noticed) “Mr. Adventure.” My Brother will not go anywhere, unless and until he knows the how, why,what,when, and what if of the situation. Me? All I need to know is it’s a beautiful day, and a […]

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