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French Dream Chateau

Like most folks from the far-away lands, high on my “must see-must do” list in the land of cheese, wine and other things fine, was a French Dream Chateau. After all, next to the Eiffiel Tower, what is the most universally recognized French icon? Uh…that would be…..a chateau…would it not? Like Churches, Chateau’s spring up […]

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French Country Life

Life in France, especially French Country Life, revolves around the family. Not just the immediate one. But the extended family. All the Uncles, Aunts,  and cousins you never knew you had. Until that one special day that brought the whole clan together. I was fortunate enough to be invited to just such a special event, […]

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French Travel – Dangers and Delights

  My brother and I , like most siblings, are complete opposites. He’s“Mr. Caution.” I’m (as you may have noticed) “Mr. Adventure.” My Brother will not go anywhere, unless and until he knows the how, why,what,when, and what if of the situation. Me? All I need to know is it’s a beautiful day, and a […]

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