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Famous French Pie – Part Three

(authors note : checking out parts ONE and TWO will enable you to be more “hip to da trip.”) There came a time in the life of the exotic stranger from the far away lands, when he was obliged to take a pause in his French Travelling adventures. A Long Pause. For the understandable reason […]

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Famous French Pie – Part Two

    The French Country Travel Life Pie – Part Two – may be best appreciated by first thrilling to PART ONE. He was smiling. Not a polite but slightly apprehensive smile. But a totally genuine and relaxed one.  As if I was an old pal who had unexpectedly dropped by. Before I could even finish […]

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Famous French Pie – Part One

    The French Country Travel Life Pie  is uniquely French. That being said, it doesn’t, at least in the incarnations of which I’m aware, have any wine, or exotic flavored spirits within. Although it can be made with pears, peaches, pineapple, or even (not to DA BG’s taste!) tomatoes, this thoroughly French dessert is […]

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