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Backroads – Christopher Strong Bicycle Gourmet

  Christopher Strong Bicycle Gourmet – Backroads really happened by accident. It all started when I decided to take Paul Simon’s advice – “drop off the key Lee, and get yourself free.” Ok – I wasn’t exactly chained to my life as a film-maker/photographer in San Francisco. But, like most folks from “over there” I […]

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French Wine Tasting – Part Two

Authors note : Reading Part One first would be a good idea Regardless of whether you’re”into’ wine,or just grabbed a bottle out of desperation because “booze-be-us” was outa beer – there are French wine treasures to be found in every region and at every price point. Kinda like deciding which car to buy, innit? Too many options! That’s why […]

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French Country Travel Life Food Find

    DA BG  is happy to hip you to his latest French Country Travel Life Food Find. Yet another unique innovation from those fab frogs. They DO have a way with cuisine. As you well know. But what on earth could be new ,unique and exciting? After all, haven’t the French done it all […]

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