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French Country Travel Life Abandoned Palace

  French Country Travel Life Abandoned Palace. Yes, there is such an animal. It is located in the capital of this fair land. And it has been abandoned, not only by it’s present occupant, but by many of the former as well. However, would never be abandoned by DA BG.( Should I be called upon.) […]

5Nov2012 | | 19 comments | Continued
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French Travel Life Country Dreamtime

  French Country Travel Life Country Dreamtime is really the best phrase to sum up my attraction to, and apprecation for, life in the French Countryside. True, as a title, it is a little long. But, nonetheless complete. All the essential elements are included. And one leads naturally to the other. French leads you dreaming. Dreaming […]

6Jul2012 | | 23 comments | Continued
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French Bio Wine Film

  In my LAST POST, and the PREVIOUS ONE, the subject was French Biodynamic Wine. And so, as I seem to be(unintentionally) “on a roll” – this time around its the French Bio Wine Film Story. And it’s about time. We hear and read much about the growing transformation of more and more French vineyards […]

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