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French Wines Robotic Future

    French Wines Robotic Future? Yep – you read that right. A future that looks to be an interesting one. Interesting with a capital”i.” The reason being that Froggie vintners, in general, are becoming more environmentally aware. As DA BG will (and does) confirm! And we’re not just talking about no/reduced pesticides and /or […]

17Jan2013 | | 17 comments | Continued
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French Wine Goes American

French Wine Goes American.  Or at least what it imagines is “American.” As far as wine labels are concerned that is. DA BG will be not the first to tell ya that the perception of French Wine by Americans in general is “snobby.” So, them Froggy grape pushers , smarter than the average rootstock, and […]

29Nov2012 | | 11 comments | Continued
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French Winos Conquer New Zealand

   French Winos Conquer New Zealand. Makes a better title than French Winos Move to New Zealand and do their thing – don’t it? At least thats what DA BG thinks. But that’s what Marguerite Dubois and her partner Jean -Charles did. Taking the expertise and enthusiasm of French Winos “down under.” And, as Yvonne […]

5Aug2012 | | 16 comments | Continued