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DSK’s Worst Nightmare – Anne Sinclair Wakes Up!

  DSK’s Worst Nightmare – Anne Sinclair Wakes Up! – and leaves him. To anyone who is even vaguely aware of the “adventures” of Dominique Strauss Kahn, the question is not “Why?” – but – “Anne – what took you so long?”  Why did it take an intelligent, cultivated Woman this long to to see […]

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DSK – Strike Three?

  (Authors Note : “Smileys” in this post were inserted mysteriously and automatically by WordPress. Please ignore them.)   Meet Mr. Speilberg Imagine for a moment you’re a struggling screenwriter. Navigating the maze of illusions, heartbreak, and “have a nice day” smiles that is Hollywood. Waiting tables by day. Writing by night. Then, one day(and […]

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Strauss Kahn – Stylistically Challenged?

While the Offical motto of France is :”Libertie, Egalitie, Fraternitie”, there is an unoffical, but integral 4th element: Privacy. While France is (again) “offically” a devout Catholic Nation, it has an almost Religious tolerance for “non-Catholica”activities. Particularly when they relate to “relations intime.” Basically the French mind set is :”We don’t care who you screw, […]

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