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DSK’s Worst Nightmare – Anne Sinclair Wakes Up!


DSK’s Worst Nightmare – Anne Sinclair Wakes Up! – and leaves him. To anyone who is even vaguely aware of the “adventures” of Dominique Strauss Kahn, the question is not “Why?” – but – “Anne – what took you so long?”  Why did it take an intelligent, cultivated Woman this long to to see what the world already knew? Surely her friends must have been giving her updates and advice? It’s one thing to “stand by your man.” It’s another to bury your head in the sand.

When the news of the “Great Seducers” first (publicized) “consensual love moment “(uh….that would be Sofitel Hotel, New York?) made headlines, and wifey not only stood the bail, paid the lawyers, and , bien sur, flew to the big apple to “stand by her man” – some French were proposing her as the new “Marianne”, the Female symbol of French liberty, reason, strength and all things good and proper.

My immediate reaction to that was to recall the old(but still accurate) tee-shirt that proclaimed: “de Nile is more than just a river in Egypt.” Amen.

Alors,DSK’s Worst Nightmare is now a reality. Anne Sinclair has shaken off the deep, comforting sleep of denial and has woken up. And CAN smell the coffee .Glory gee to beezus! (or someone just like him)

So, where does this leave Big Chief “he-who-cannot-keep-it-in-his-pants?” Easy question: it leaves him “Without.” With a capital “W.” Without (real come -to- your -aid- no -matter- what) friends.Without a snowball’s chance in hell of “re-animating” his political career. And most sweat-producingly – without a billionairess footing his substantial legal bills.

Ok, DSK still has has 300K or so per year from his (first) departure from the IMF, and maybe even a luxury car or two to auction off. But that’s not enough to keep his “dream team” in sushi for more than a week. And then what?

Jail – not an generator of warm fuzzies at any age – especially in your 60’s – is one possibility. Not only is M. Strauss Kahn facing a civil suit in New York from his former “consensual love partner” – here in France there is “Le Affaire Carlton.” That being a luxury hotel where it’s alleged DSK was involved in “procuring” women for businessmen’s pleasure in said hotel. (as we would say back where DA BG comes from –  “a pimp.”)

But wait – there’s more! Although the “Great Seducer” did escape a previous rape charge by a young French Journalist, as I related in THIS POST, his “troubles” then encouraged other Women who had been involved in “escapades” with DSK to come out of the closet. Impossible to imagine that won’t continue. N’est ce pas?

So – Dominique Strauss Kahn clearly will not need shades for his future. Whatever it brings – the appropriate adjective will not be “bright.”

But , don’t count DSK out just yet. Remember two things:

1. He is “The Great Seducer.” Perhaps another billionairess (or millionairess, sniff, sniff) will fall under his spell. Perhaps he will CON – vince his legal team to take their several tons of flesh sometime in the future.

2. There is, as far as we know, no “Fat Lady.” And we all know: It’s not over ’til the Fat Lady Sings.”



What are ya thinkin’?

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28 Responses to “DSK’s Worst Nightmare – Anne Sinclair Wakes Up!”

  1. ralph williams says:

    what you didn’t say in this excellent post, but implied by virtue of the information was : “you’ve made your bed – now lie in it.”

  2. barb eddy says:

    don’t think anyone (unpaid) will be lying in dsk bed.

  3. jean claude blanc says:

    very sad that this man is french….becuase it give bad reputation of our country to the world.

  4. charley forester says:

    jean claude – every country has it’s DSK’s……don’t lose any sleep over this scumbag!

  5. megan ryan says:

    better late than never anne!

  6. candace kilstein says:

    Anne – you did the right thing -FINALLY!

  7. robert winterman says:

    yYur reporting and analysis is particularly acute here. And your ability to infuse all your posts with a subtle dose of humor continues to amaze, delight, and inform. you, mr BG are a real find!

  8. alan findlay-clark says:

    Like all the anglo-saxon fables, and, for that matter, “Lord of the Rings” this is a classic, and continuing human tale. It’s motive and imperatives, it’s structure remain the same.Only the actors change.

  9. bertha cremmons says:

    i hope this dirtbag gets all he deserves…the sooner the better!

  10. cindy carstairs says:

    Amen to that bertha!

  11. janie dawson says:

    i wonder how many other wifes of scum like this have yet to wake up.

  12. carson mcginnty says:

    enough of dsk and the woman who got smart late…..what about his daughter?….remember it was her he went to new york to visit….
    imagine how she must feel to be the daughter of the world’s most celebrated D.O.M. (dirty old man)

  13. peggy sweatson says:

    well put carson……obviously DSK wasn’t considering her (or anne sinclair for that matter) with his perverted behaviour!

  14. randle carlson says:

    right on peggy….i’m wondering how many other “dsk’s” there are out there…..

  15. teri mundave says:

    i love the way you always iject some humor into your posts…even one as sordid(the subject, not your writing!) as this…..
    the fat lady video!…TOO FUNNY!

  16. bart stiller says:

    with ya there teri…..that video is classic!

  17. wilma perkins says:

    like you said…too early to count the great seducer out yet….
    maybe he’ll get his own reality show?

  18. val merryweather says:

    hey wilma…better yet…maybe he’ll do a sex tape with kim kardasian!

  19. rita morris says:

    Val – that would be a laugh!…but more likely an “as told to” book.

  20. jackie winslet says:

    Rita – hopefully written from Riker’s island!

  21. sam tillman says:

    i love your descriptive phrase “consensual love partner!” perfectly encapsulates the hubris of mr DSK.

  22. alvin clark says:

    when you said…don’t count dsk out yet…..i agree…..certainly he can find some additional “moral errors” to make?

  23. todd redmond says:

    dsk gives new meaning to the word “hubris.”

  24. walter alice says:

    had no idea about “marianne” and the signifigance to the french culture before your post. enjoy your humor, but equally appreciate that you include solid info as well. great combo!

  25. sal vinson says:

    picking up on one of your previous commentors suggestion that dsk should have a reality TV show……my take is “why limit it to just the great seducer?…..

    why not have all the other slimebags included too? (don’t have time/interest to name them all…..but you know the ones i’m talking about)

  26. vinto levi says:

    dsk should come here to italy…..we need a new clown now that berlesconi is gone!

  27. elmo mosterman says:

    vinto….no offence….but a country thats gone through as many governments as italy has..should have no shortage of home grown clowns.

  28. maria sanchez says:

    i think we see the same thing in every country…just more sometimes.

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