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Why Bicycle Gourmet’s French Photo Workshop 2015?

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Why Bicycle Gourmet’s French Photo Workshop 2015? What photo lessons can you get from DA BG’s Photography Classes that you could’nt get elsewhere?  That might be the better question. n’est ce pas?

Well, (delicately ,blowing my own horn, in a word: Experience. Consider a few facts that will get you on my “been there-done that” page.

1. Big dream to cycle around France with no fixed itinerary.

2. So jazzed by #1, returned year after year. Five months at a time.

3. Created a film series from my ten years plus serendipity travels through the French Countryside.

4. Now, Live there.

5. Still travelling them thar backroads, filming and photographing.

You’re getting my drift, are you not?

You can get the lowdown on

the Bicycle Gourmet’s 2015 French Photo holiday course workshop HERE.

And, Here, you can “OOH  AHH” to a video (not by me) that will give you a sneak peak at some of what’s waiting for BG snappers this year.



What are ya thinkin’?


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18 Responses to “Why Bicycle Gourmet’s French Photo Workshop 2015?”

  1. fran kimmelman says:

    loved the video..and the info…..definitely want to join you!

  2. geri walters says:

    I’m with you fran! (and da bg) this is a total n o brainer!

  3. dan roberton says:

    hard to argue with your logic beege!….and you certainly have the proof you walk your photographic talk!

  4. hal davis says:

    a short post -long on factual information…tells the story and paints the picture; I’ll be there to take the pictures with you BG!

  5. kent clarke says:

    very impressed by your photo site….beyond what i expected. Can only hope i can juggle work/cash to join you. sure to be an incredible experience!

  6. barbara billy says:

    your video series is fantastic! – really gives the flavor of what the french countryside has to offer. i’m in a wheelchair, so i won’t be able to join you – personally….but in spirit, and with eyeballs…i’ll be there! many thanks for sharing your passion for france in such a warm and professional way.

  7. sheila watson says:

    so excited to learn you ARE doing it again this year. dave and i had hoped you would. We’ll be back for sure!

  8. carla stavers says:

    can ‘t decide which i love more – your still photos or your videos.
    obviously a workshop with da bg is a “win-win” for any photo/video buff! (like me- lol!)

  9. jack melman says:

    raremy have i seen images that even come close to whats on your fine art photo site. I’ve just signed up. this is an opportunity NOT to be missed for photographers at every level.

  10. ian wattlesworth says:

    last year business committments made it impossible to join you. this year, i’m happy to say, i’ve left the business and am now my own bvoss..and your “tour de france” is my number one priority for this season!

  11. ab rosen says:

    can’t imagine why anyone with a camera and a love for france wouldn’t want to join you! great stuff!

  12. daniel murph says:

    with your knowledge of the country this is sure to be another exceptional tour. I’m hoping to join you – work permitting.

  13. paul perkins-carr says:

    magnificent views in the video you included..very much appreciated.
    look forward to more of your videos in the near future.

  14. quentin forrester says:

    the combination of your skills, experience and passion for the country certainly assure a memorable event for all concerned. (as your previous clients have confirmed.)

  15. paul cavanek says:

    really enjoyed the video..hope to be able to join you!

  16. unger stevens says:

    i can’t think of anyone who could give photographers of all levels a fantastic french experience…thanks so much for thinking of us again this year.

  17. jack melman says:

    with your combination of skills and talents..i have no doubt this will be an opportunity not to be missed!

  18. tad sample says:

    with ya 110% jack. everyone will benefit particularly from da bg’s incredible knowledge of all parts of france

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