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French Country Travel Life Fairy Tale – Part Three



Our French Country Travel Life Fairy Tale is almost over. So, if you haven’t swooned yet to PART ONE and PART TWO – now would be a good time!

But finally, the combination of Winter, Wilma, and their pricey digs became too much. Sandi was ready to throw in the towel. Sadly, She gave her library regulars the news. Dissapointed, but understanding, they shuffled out, offering their best, and regrets, in the same breath. Except for one young girl who lingered behind.

When the others had left, She said : “Please…You will come to ze lunch tomorrow……….at my ‘ouse……….” Pleasantly surprised, Sandi agreed. Even tho’ She was planning to leave the day after.

Sandi arrived not only to find Nathalie and boyfriend Pierre, but both of their parents. In basic, but understandable English, they expressed their appreciation for Sandi’s contribution to the village.


After an exceptional lunch, and equally exceptional wine, Pierre intoned seriously : “ I ‘ave two ‘ouse…………I leave een one ‘ouse.Zo……..I do not need ze uzzer ‘ouse……………Eat is not very …..very………….fine………. but….eat is important….we do not loose you……
Zo……..I offer for you…………..zees ‘ouse.”

The house, in a quiet, rural hamlet, is smaller than Sandi’s former California mental ward. But perfect for one person, one computer. It has an insert fireplace. Pierre stocks the woodpile. One of his friends mows the lawn. There’s a back patio behind (what else?) French doors.

Sandi’s long, rectangular back yard hosts an apple and a pear tree. And best of all – No Wilma! Sandi still gives her free classes at the Library, has enough private students, and is doing a language exchange with a retired French Gentleman who speaks good English.

And even better than “no Wilma” – Sandi is now a published writer. Working on a book, and a syndicated column. I bet you can guess the subject.And that’s the happy ending of DA BG’S  French Country Travel Life Fairy Tale.



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16 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Fairy Tale – Part Three”

  1. justin tyme says:

    loved the happy ending! (hey- who doesn’t?)

  2. paula amery says:

    a great story…with the kind of ending we all love!

  3. emilie foster says:

    give us more of these great personal adventures please!

  4. carleton tremain says:

    your skill relating your adventures with style and homor is unsurpassed. bottom line: you’re too good for us!

  5. manny steinberg says:

    definitely a “hollywood ending.”

  6. damian winslow says:

    sure – a great story…as we have come to expect from DA BG!…but what grabs me just as much is how you always manage to select just the right images to accompany your text.

  7. charlie everall says:

    i hear ya damian…..that really helps big time to float my boat!

  8. freda langman says:

    wish there was more to this “fairy tale”….but glad it has a happy ending!

  9. vera mako says:

    in terms of agony-adventure (now there’s a genre!).. this reminds me of that post of yours where you were threatened by the drunken tahitian with the shotgun….

  10. ingrid kremer says:

    vera..don’t recall that post……but it sounds like there’s way more “agony” there than “adventure!”

  11. vera mako says:

    ingrid…..the post was called (i think) “a night to remember.” check it out. it’s hilarious and , obviously, scary at the same time.

  12. steve moran says:

    if only all the “sandis” in the world could have a happy ending like this one!

  13. evie cremster says:

    more power to sandi..and all the women who never give up on their dreams!

  14. barb ling says:

    unbelieveable!……not just the story…..;but the range of experience you had….and you’re not dead yet….right? -(lol)

  15. mary carfin says:

    i would like to dive into the last photo. it’s got “country dreaming” written all over it. at least to me! (lol)

  16. cindy battle says:

    me too mary!

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