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French Country Travel Life Village Tour – Part Two



The French Country Travel Life Village Tour continues – for those informed folks who’ve  previously thrilled to PART ONE.

Exiting Lumiere’s fabgroovy cave co-op, our direction is left (east) past (or stopping at?) the superette on the right. The last (yes, I must say it) “rayon” of Lumiere is a ginormous (private, methinks) residence on your left. (Nice lawn!)

Continuing straight ahead after not too many kms. of  super scenery, you’ll see a road to your right signposted (hopefully) “Lacoste” (no, this is NOT where they make those shirts!)

The seems-to-go-on forever plain, will in fact, not. Soon you will be curving upward, ascending to the top o’ this here hilltop cluster of History.



Lacoste is noteable for (at least) two things. One, the Chateau of the Marquis de Sade.

bicyclegourmet.com Two – the annual Summer festival of Classical music. Presented by Pierre Cardin. (yes – THAT Pierre Cardin!) Who also happens to the owner of the Chateau of the King of “kinky love.” (and Maxim’s in Paris.  And God knows what else)



While there are other hilltop villages that are as old/historic/interesting as Lacoste, it is only in this one will you find an honest to gosh certified prescence of Americana. This being the “Savannah College of Art.”  Yes Savannah as in “Georgia” – The USA  (not the ruskie) kind.

It was on my first exploration of Lacoste that I stumbled on this (for me) cultural oddity.  Seeking directions from friendly locals (and aren’t those the best kind?) and without  looking at the plaque above the door, I knocked.

The response from within confirmed that these folks were , like DA BG, exotic strangers from the far away lands.

When a Church does not grow up, it remains a “Chapel.” Lacoste has one. Closed  bicyclegourmet.comthe day I passed.  But you will probably have better luck.

While other scribblers in this genre might use the usual vapid adjectives to describe it (“charming”, “authentic”, etc.) Lacoste is, like it’s hilltoppy neighbours, a collection of dwellings of all styles/ages , with  panoramic views and whatever History has gone down. Full stop.

Ok – I know the Chateau of the Marquis de Sade DOES sound like a “must see”. but , trust DA BG here, it’s truly(to almost coin a pun) – SAD.  The reason? Extensive “renovation”.  The result of grafting “improvements” onto original walls makes the kinky love King’s palace the archetictural equivalent of an identikit photo assembled by a drunk.

And that’s “”30” for part two of our French Country Travel Life Village Tour.

Part Three  – Next time!


What are ya thinkin’?

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27 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Village Tour – Part Two”

  1. sylvan martin says:

    well worth waiting for! (but then…..didn’t have any choice -did we?)

  2. celine damon says:

    with ya sylvan..and then some!..can’t wait to follow this route!

  3. sandi sobalski says:

    totally wild..having al american art college in a french hilltop village;;;;THOSE LUCKY STUDENTS!

  4. bill martensen says:

    and lucky us sandi having DA BG spoon feed us all the good stuff!

  5. audrey hastentat says:

    too bad about the marquis de sades chateau…..but top marks to DA BG for saving us the disappointment!

  6. kevy bond says:

    is this post REALLY by DA BG?…i mean…hey..there’s NOTHING about wine here! (lol!)

  7. sheila watson says:

    kevy…i think it’s possible that just maybe DA BG does think about other things from time to time.

  8. sheila watson says:

    I’m tempted to say..”better than part one”…but the rea

  9. walt densmore says:

    I’m tempted to say..”better than part one”…but the reailty is it’s equally as good!

  10. betty freeman says:

    don’t know which ruin i like better..the marquis de sades castle or pierre cardin (lol!)

  11. alice parsons says:

    betty! – so cruel!….but so funny!!!

  12. bob winderman says:

    love your line “when a church does not grow up”….and hey…the post isn’t bad either! (lol)

  13. wendy brenner says:

    your opening photo really sets the mood for this great post…well done! (as usual!)

  14. melody captiz says:

    with you there wendy…..great images throughout..really takes the already excellent post to another level!

  15. paul kelly says:

    your style of writing plus your first hand info is a totally unbeatable combination!

  16. matts endermann says:

    you’ve said it for me paul!..and while not knocking the other great travel writers….they don’t (with the exception of rolf potts) have the kind of “down on the ground” experiences DA BG does and shares.

  17. carvin wilson says:

    thanks for the “heads up” on the marquis de sades “kiny love palace”……but since i plan on going there anyway…….will check it out.

  18. vittoria grassi says:

    being right next door, so to speak, we have visit france many time..and always very wonderful experience….but never has gone to the places you inform us to. in this spring we try to. thanking you for your very fine informations. please to excuse my bad english writing!

  19. geri walter says:

    sounds like a blast! how can i get a job like yours?

  20. helmut kilnedunst says:

    congratulations on a great “continuing saga”….looking forward to part three!

  21. hedi warfel says:

    always wanted to go to france….but ..hey..information overload!..with all the guidebooks and articles…but you make it easy. now..gonna go! thanks a bunch BG!

  22. kevin kenman-white says:

    alwys enjoy your posts. this one, o should i say, this series is especially brill. cheers!

  23. serena powell says:

    is lacoste an underprivileged village, i ask because you don’t mention anything about a wine co-op there!

  24. harvey dempster says:

    hey serena…..cool your jets…..i’m sure DA BG won’t leave us “wine-less” in part three!

  25. thomas wanderly says:

    none of your other readers seems to have mentioned an interest in the summer classical music festival in lacoste. i’d really be interested in learning more about that.

  26. amamaria fechetti says:

    as my countryman mr grassi said in his comment, this is a part of france i have never heard much about. now, getting these detailed descriptions and information, how can i not go!?

  27. itoyish mori says:

    all very interesting. enjoying very much your writing on this subject. not known at all to me….i hoping to visit many thank you for all you do here. excuse my english. (and my french to!)

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