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Gourmet Moments – Part Two

My most memorable French meal(so far) was, unbelieveably, “sans fromage.” It began in the office of my pal the Chiropractor, Bob Caires. Nicknamed “Capt’n Bob” for his sailing obession. (Hey – what else would you expect from a Portuguese-Hawaiian?) The good Doctor had come in on his day off to lay healing hands on “the-man-who-comes-from-far.” […]

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Fathers of French Cuisine – Escoffier

Unlike his predecessors, Auguste Escoffier cooked for the public. Not privately for royalty and high society as was the case for Antoine Careme. And to a lesser extent La Varenne. But building on the foundations that La Varenne and Careme established, Escoffier donated the final refinements to French Cuisine as we know it today. Escoffier’s […]

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French Food

French Food. Gourmet food. Can be. Often is. But,like any activity that blends unequal parts of human involvement,perishable ingredients,and pictures of dead Presidents, there are levels of quality. The Penthouse. The Mezzanine. The Basement. This is a Tale of the basement It begins in a quaint(and,are’nt they all?)French roadside “bistro.” Think – more than a […]

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