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Christopher Strong Bicycle Gourmet – on Soul Source Music?

Christopher Strong Bicycle Gourmet – on Soul Source Music?

What in hecks name is the Bicycle Gourmet, your non-snobby guide to French Travel, food and wine doing on a music site?

Well, for those of you who haven’t been following my exotic French life and adventures, I am also a professional pianist.

Thanks to many pre-teen years of parentally forced practicing. Before school. After school. On weekends. Yes, Dear Franchophile, it was torture of the highest order. (“Musical waterboarding.”)

My mother(a good amateur pianist) was the prison warden.
It was she who shipped me off to “teachers” of varying quality. (One whose method of signaling you’d made a mistake, was to rap your fingers with a steel edged ruler.)

But, happily, I finally managed to satisfy my captors, and dove into the ocean of uninstructed ivory tinkling possibilities.

Which, finally has resulted in 5 piano CD’s.

The Sorcier.   No Borders. Sail On.  Roses in December. The Healing Gift.
And one with Guitar AND piano. And strings. And woodwinds. Yes, a musical “buffet of flavors.”

There is a message to this self-indulgent rank. Addressed(primarily) to young pianists. It is the one that is hardest to accept. But, if you can accept it, you will eventually thank the warden of your musical prison.

That message is: “Don’t Quit

Wishing you great Musical adventures. (Playing AND listening.)


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