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French Country Travel Life Immortality



French Country Travel Life Immortality – a nice thought. But, like all other forms of physical forms of immortality – not gonna happen. (read my lips!)

However, DA BG be thinkin’, and he thinks you’ll agree, that the next best thing to physical immortality, is to be on the planet as long as possible.

How to increase your chances of having a long (ideally) French Country Life?

Funny you should ask, because a new Dutch study has confirmed what DA BG already knew. And what you, dear reader, have probably suspected. Yes, it’s true – cyclists live longer!



The cyclo-fanatic Times of India has the pulse-quickening details:

Professional cycling has a reputation for premature deaths, either from tragic crashes on the road or from dangerous performance-boosting substances.

But a new study, based on French participants in the Tour de France, says that male pro cyclists are likelier to live longer than their counterparts in the general public — a whopping 6.3 years more, on average.

A team led by Eloi Marijon of the Paris Cardiovascular Centre measured the longevity of all French cyclists — 786 in all — who finished at least once in the Tour since 1947, and compared this against the lifespan of average Frenchmen.

As of September 1 2012, 208 out of the 786 cyclists had died. Mortality rates among this group were 41 percent lower than in the general population, they found.

Deaths from cancer and respiratory disease were 44 percent and 72 lower respectively, and mortality from cardiovascular causes was down by a third.

The longevity held true despite three periods of doping in cycling — amphetamines, in the 1950s and 1960s; anabolic steroids in the 1970s and 1980s; and EPO and growth hormones after 1990.

The team add the caveat that the data from the post-1990 doping era are preliminary, and more time is needed to confirm the trend.

Read More HERE.


What are ya thinkin’?

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19 Responses to “French Country Travel Life Immortality”

  1. cal worthington says:

    as we suspected….cyclists win again…..(in the race of life)

  2. fran kimmelman says:

    “race of life”…..very cool cal!…(you ARE a writer..;right?

  3. cal worthington says:

    no fran…..just an average super talented guy who’s modest! (LOL!)

  4. barton stevers says:

    “cyclo-fanatic”……lol!..you always come up with just the right ways to describe things……

  5. tammi perdue says:

    barton…that’s why he’s DA BG….and you’re not.

  6. valeria cartsairs says:

    ok…..you’ve inspired me to get back to cycling regularly again….
    thanks BG!

  7. tellman knudson says:

    impressive stats..espeically the heart attck ones. way to go BG!

  8. barton stevers says:

    tellman…not to be patronizing…but..the heart is a muscle…
    it needs to be exercised regularly….at least 5 minutes of serious activity each day….

  9. sean mullins says:

    gee barton;;;ARE YOU A DOCTOR?

  10. barton stevers says:

    no sean….just someone who had to get that advice from MY doctor..
    after i had some heart issues.

  11. candance meeker says:

    OK…..this is the last straw…getting my bike out of the cellar!

  12. yann levesque says:

    good start candace!…….but then what?

  13. candance meeker says:

    yann…..i’ll be RIDING it!….(or at least trying hard)

  14. veronique moreau says:

    first picture.;reall eye catching……

  15. pami kulhane says:

    i find the first photo a little macabre.

  16. garth branster says:

    pami..and the post?..how do you “find” it?

  17. candance meeker says:

    now now garth…no pami bashing……cool your jets!

  18. ted danbury says:

    no mention of how many of those cyclists were dopers.

  19. serge potvin says:

    good point ted…..assuming there was no doping prior to 1990….is one curious (and shall we say “uninformed”) piece of logic.

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